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Sônia Maria Aranha: Respondendo suas Dúvidas sobre Educação - legislação de ensino,aluno, educação, educação infantil,pais de alunos, educação em casa, educação integral,eco-pedagogia, atividades educativas

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Chris Hughes - Don't waste your time or money on these

    Junk! Don't waste your time or money on these. Attempted to pair with 3 devices (LG G3, Samsung Note 5, & Samsung Gear Fit 2) but the earbuds were apparently defective. Beware all the 5-star reviews as many of them were given after receiving the product for free.

  • Matt L. - I am a loyal Seachem Prime user for about a decade now!

    I exclusively use Prime in my tanks for de-clorinating purposes for about a decade now. I have never had any problems with it and it works wonderfully. It is very potent, so be careful of spillage (it has a very strong sulfur smell). The 500ml bottle lasts me well over a year for taking care of my current 55g freshwater tank.

  • jupitermap - better prepared better scores

    used for an SAT Prep class and so far it is helping giving clues and solutions to attack the SAT with confidence.

  • kathleen dibble - We are very pleased with the purchase

    My daughter needed studying material, since she now has her bachelor's degree and will be heading off to graduate school. She will be taking her GRE'S in the summer. She was very nervous about the test, but states that this book has put her mind to ease. We are very pleased with the purchase.

  • Pnutmarch4 - like dead fish

    I was a sucker purchasing this and it included a serum and eye product. I have used all three items faithfully and with no results being seen.

  • M. Calderon - Side Effects are not worth it to me...

    Ok side effects mentioned on the box are like can cause a rash, dizzines, burning scalp, upset stomach, acne, headaches. It even mentioned causing a faster than usual heart beat and or chest pains which still didn't stop me from using this product. With in a week of using this product I was experiencing cold sweats at night, extreme tiredness and sleepyness. At the same time I experienced some sexual disfunction to eventually full erectile disfunction. I gave my doctor a call and he told me that there is a very small 2 percent chance this can happen, which is why he never told me when he recomended I used Minoxidil for my hair loss. I immediately stopped using this product and guess what, cold sweats became less prominent and my manhood returned. So since I came here first to read the reviews which is why I bought this product it is only best I submit a review of my experience with this product. Please keep this in mind I wish I had read this before I used it.

  • Uncle Milford - It defies the laws of mathematics

    I bought 2 of these masterpieces since I WAS happily married and needed to cook for 2. Well let me tell you something, 1 + 1 does NOT equal 2 with this book. In fact it came out to 1 still. 1 SONIA!! AS IN 1 LONELY DIVORCED GUY WHO STOPPED COOKING FOR HIS WIFE AND NOW LIVES AT HOME WITH HIS PARENTS! I HATE THIS BOOK. I HATE IT SO MUCH.