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  • samuel inyang - Quality pen recommend it

    i appreciate the smooth body pen writes with confidence thru' the ink quality. i wish it was a little bit heavier, i am okay with the performance and quality of my handwriting

  • Suzanne Sagester - The Devil's Work

    The book was Awesome! Kept me guessing and page turning late into the night. I recommend lovers of mysteries and thrillers give all of Mark Edwards' books a read.

  • Bert - Missing half the parts

    Brutal! It came with half the parts,I had to Jimmy rig the battery post.. don't buy it unless u see it first

  • Amazon Customer - Happy with my purchase!!!!

    I bought this Barbie for a birthday gift for a 5 year old girl and she loved it! The Barbie was originally 30 dollars and I got it on sale for 15. She was a beautiful doll that came in a nice, collectible box. Great purchase

  • Carrie Bonifacio - Best form of shea butter I have tried so far. Nice composition and easy to apply.

    I am very pleased with my decision to purchase this 100% Natural Organic Pure Shea Butter from Buena Skin. I have tried probably 3 or 4 other shea butter products and have been a bit let down because they have been hard as a rock and difficult to apply without alot of effort. This one is pleasantly quite different from the others. First, it comes in a jar instead of a big lump that comes out of a bag or something. Second, although shea butter is naturally a bit grainy, this one is only slightly grainy, barely noticeable, and smooths out quickly. Third, I love the composition because like any shea butter it can tend to be a little hard until it warms up, this one is much softer and becomes very easy to apply quickly. It spreads out well once warmed in your hand for a few seconds and a little covers a pretty big area. It is whitish in color with a very slight odor which is not unpleasant.

  • monte m. king - Can't beat the price!

    We've always used Dixie plates, so to be able to have them delivered to my door for approximately $2.40 per pack of 48 is great! This way, we always have plates for unexpected company, and no dishes :-).

  • Kathlyn Storey - Pain relief is relative

    Whatever I say about Tylenol arthritis pain medication, it is only my experience. Everyone's pain experience and relief is different. That said, I have chronic pain due to bulging discs in my lower back and bursitis flareups that affect my knees, hips, and shoulders. Throw in ruptured discs in my neck for good measure. I could be on vicodin; doctors would prescribe it, but that would effectively ruin my quality of life.