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Smart Kids Don't Do Drugs - A great resource and help for parents, teachers, and family members seeking information on alcohol and drug abuse by adolescents and pre-teens. The free Parent's Guide to Prevention is available in both HTML and pdf formats and contains useful information on prevention, parenting and recognizing the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse.

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  • Bernie C. - Good, not great

    I read it to get a taste of what operations people do and it was good for that purpose. It was informative enough and well enough written, but nothing out of this world. The writing can be very corny sometimes.

  • honey - Worked for me

    This shampoo works. I have been drug free for 80 days, but the stand test went back six months. I used this after using the marijco method (however you spell that)for the days prior to the test. I used the aloe nexxus rid shampoo on the test day. I washed twice with that and used the ultra clean as directed. Got my results today and they were negative.

  • Lorie - step-up from cardboard-type VR headset- GOOD VALUE

    What I like most about this VR headset are 1) it's weight-is not too heavy thus I can actually wear this for a longer period of time and not get headaches 2) the cradle that holds the phone is very conveniently situated I feel so secure about my phone sitting in place 3) there air vents on the side and thus prevents overheating of the phone or fogging and/or sweating after prolonged use.

  • Melachrino - Bad Software. Does not import previous version correctly.

    Worst genealogy software I have used. I started FTM many years ago with version 1.0 and upgraded through version 10 of the original developers. Excellent products then. And made several big, thick books which were happily printed and shared with the rest of the extensive family. So, I updated, I thought, to FTM 2011 deluxe by Ancestry. What a bad experience !!!! All previous versions would update perfectly, without changes or hiccups, the works previously done over the years. But not FTM 2011 !!!! And it did not warn of this inability either in the instructions or in the publicity !! Just a message after importing the previous data that "some data did not import correctly" !!!!!! It messed up the formatting on books to make them childish and unusable. Such as not wrapping text around inserts or pictures like the original software which made the books look very professional.