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  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/find-a-clinic-near-you/ Find A Clinic Near You | Smart Brain Aging - Please call 855-BSMART-0 to make an appointment at one of the SMART Memory Program clinic locations below: FIND A CLINIC
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/healthy-brain-aging-series-part-1-exercise/ Healthy Brain Aging Series: Exercise | Smart Brain Aging - Today, we kick off our series, Healthy Brain Aging, to arm you with the knowledge and actionable steps to help keep your brain healthy as you age.
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/benefits-and-limitations-the-use-of-medications-in-dementia/ Role of Medications in Dementia | Smart Brain Aging - Dementia, and its leading type, Alzheimer’s disease, are very scary and difficult topics because our mind is our most valuable resource. It is frightening
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/i-wish-id-seen-this-video-a-long-time-ago-it-really-helps-to-understand-whats-going-on/ I wish I’d seen this video a long time ago. It really helps to understand what’s going on. | Smart Brain Aging - This simple, straightforward animated video explains Alzheimer's disease in lucid, easy-to-follow terms.  

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  • Kindle Customer - Not Bad but not Exciting

    As I mentioned in my comments on the Excel chart, this isn't a bad summary. As you can imagine, there is a lot of material missing, but if you need a fast reference guide that will help you ask intelligent questions, then these can be amazingly useful. That's why I gave it four stars.

  • Cindy - Sweet

    This book is good for the soul. I purchased the Audible version and Joanna's and Chip's voices are a relaxing addition to the content. Way to go....great reading guys. Thanks for sharing your history with us!

  • Top Down Bruce - Timely, Ponted, Revealing Book

    Super Book, timely and on target. Gives tremendous insight into the Trump- Purin- WikiLeaks connection including historical background.

  • Katrina Kowalski - ... to have an oily liquid characteristic ( kind of like you get in a ketchup or mustard bottle with ...

    I've been using this product a few years and lately it's begun to have an oily liquid characteristic ( kind of like you get in a ketchup or mustard bottle with the water that separates and comes out independent of the actual product). Not sure what changed in the product because it never used to do that. I've tried storing it in different positions and even massaging the tube before squeezing and it still has the oil come out. My mom also uses this product and said hers have been doing the same thing.

  • Adam B - Very misleading product name!

    I am constantly looking for effective ways to reach new audiences, keep open lines of communication, and advocate for technologies. I remember many years ago learning what they did at MIT with the soda machine, which got me to thinking... What if I really need to go to the bathroom but I don't know its current state? At work, I'm competing for the prized real estate with many coworkers. At home, there's the wife, our 11 children (a set of quintuplets in there), and our many potty-trained cats, geese, and (before last night's dinner) two lambs vieing for a single toilet.

  • Russ Anderson - A six foot loop of just small wire can work better, use like old round UHF loop

    Total scam, rip off, misleading, completely impossible for the majority of homes. You must be about 5 mils from TV transmission tower. A six foot loop of just small wire can work better, use like old round UHF loop..... Google "home made TV antenna" save your money.