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  • David - Give your toothbrush some help

    We've all been told since childhood that we have to brush our teeth and take several minutes doing it. If you also use a waterpik after you brush you only have to look in your sink after using it to see what your toothbrush missed. Don't set it for more pressure than you need to do the job. If it hurts, you could be damaging your gums.

  • Lindsay - Good Buy!

    Love this stuff. Bought both the shampoo & conditioner and I have no complaints! Cleans well & doesn't leave my hair oily.

  • Jaysplaypen - Wow, really notice a difference

    After tons of research I decided to try liver detox and support to help with my adult acne. I am no doctor, but I read that adult acne can be because of liver function slowing and not clearing built up toxins and hormones from your body. seemed reasonable enough, and I figured I spend way more on skin care acne products then one bottle of this cost, so I gave it a try. I have to say the 3 times a day dosage can be a pain.....but as long as I live I will not be without this product. OMG my skin has never been so vibrant and clear. I have had only 1 small pimple appear since I started taking this almost a month ago. I still wash my face with 

  • Athens NAW - Massive Attack vinyl

    This is an awesome record and you can hear how different, yet similar, Massive attack was at the start of their career. Quality is great and I am very happy with the purchase. I will definitely use seller again for more record purchases.

  • Amazon Customer - Good

    I liked this book, it felt like it didn't move for a bit there but I still liked it. The characters courage made the story

  • Betty - Don't waste your money! Hallmark is NOT the very best!

    To say I am very disappointed with this Hallmark card software is an understatement. I bought their-top-of-the-line 2014 Deluxe Edition at $39.95 plus tax because I wanted the best available and expected it to live up to the Hallmark name and reputation. The picture quality of the card you see on the screen before printing is far superior to what is actually printed out on the card stock and I buy the most expensive card stock available. I have successfully used PrintMaster card software for years but due to upgrading to Windows 8.1 it was no longer compatible. PrintMaster Gold allowed me to import clip art and much more flexibility with both clip art and text plus it was very user friendly and more hands-on. Also the clip art was good quality when printed out. I take pride in turning out professional looking personal cards and envelopes and so far, I see no way that Hallmark can stand up. I can buy cards at the Dollar Store for less but have a reputation for sending exceptional personal cards to friends. The Hallmark software is not difficult to use although it has more steps so that's not my complaint. The images on the screen may look impressive but what is printed out is not and that's the bottom line. Don't disappoint yourself by buying this software.