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  • Nicola Mansfield - a sharp little psychological thriller and I'd love to see where the author goes with her next ...

    Quite a rollercoaster ride and well-crafted for a first novel. The Conti's six-month-old daughter is kidnapped from her crib. The whole event starts while at the couple's next door for the evening and now that the police are investigating, the lead detective, Rasbach, can tell that everyone is either lying or not telling the whole truth. The time frame turns into almost a week. Suspicions land everywhere for the first half until the kidnapper is revealed. Now everyone's secrets are coming out and we don't know how it will ultimately end. At barely 300 pages, it is a short book and paced fast enough that I barely put it down until I'd finished. My only quibble is the author uses the phrase, "He/she almost felt sorry for him/her." over and over to the reader's distraction. The person wasn't likeable, deserved no sympathy and the people saying this? it didn't fit their personalities. Otherwise, a sharp little psychological thriller and I'd love to see where the author goes with her next book.

  • Monique Citron - a worthy enterprise

    These essays will entertain more than enlighten. The prove that life goes on with a positive step. It will not disappoint.

  • Brian - Fast modem, terrible wireless router

    First off, I am not new to routers or technology but this thing is difficult to set up. The settings menu is not intuitive and is quite confusing.

  • B. John - Grille is as shown, Well worth it.

    Product arrived as shown. Time was faster than expected. 5 days like the other posters say. This grille did come with the clips for mounting. I have not yet install the grille as i am spray lining it and will do the grille update with mess also. Looks great so far and am happy with the quality. I would recommend this to others.

  • C. Reinders II - A Concept Album of Epic Proportions

    Aside from the quintessential 'Dark Side of the Moon' album, Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' is an iconic masterpiece, Being a concept album, The Wall has a mix of irony (Waters wrote it in response to the press's criticism that the band was boorish) and subtext that is not as obvious as other concept albums.