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Sierra Corporation - IT Solution Provider - Sierra Corporation has been offering a vast range of Information Technology solutions to enterprises, small businesses and individuals since 1998.

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  • Amazon Customer - Very useful

    I was prescribed this product by my health care provider to address PCOS and other hormonal issues. The first month, the my cycle was interrupted, but the cramps and PMS symptoms were there - on a smaller level - but for a longer time since my cycle was greatly delayed. However, the rapid growth of facial hair visibly decreased within a week. I'd give it 5 stars, but it is hard on the stomach! My doctor said it didn't matter if I took on an empty stomach - major fail - I felt like had swallowed an electric cheese grater when I took this stuff w/o eating. Same thing if I take too close to bed time. Eat a solid meal and take a good couple hours before going to bed in the evening.

  • Paul & Carroll - Compares to Yeti but ......

    Saw a video comparing this brand to Yeti and one other. In the video it showed it held up to the Yeti and out performed another brand for all most half the cost. However the RTIC is significantly lighter weight than the Yeti and can visually see the difference. The only other difference RTIC is NOT dishwasher safe where the Yeti is.

  • Kindle Customer - Okay but not great

    This stuff is just mediocre. It has a chalky flavor like a lot of vegan protein powders. It's not terrible, it's just not that good. I find that all whey or egg protein powders i've tried taste far better. I'm supposed to avoid dairy, so it's the best non-dairy one i've found so far. It tends to thicken your smoothies a lot, which i like. i hate runny water-like smoothies because they don't fill you up. So the taste on this is just ok, and the consistency is good.

  • kevern - Very effective!

    I noticed my teeth were whiter on the second day. These strips are easy to use and work very well. This new set of strips sticks to your teeth nicely - they are much easier to use than the original Crest Whitestrips. Highly recommend.

  • branbry - Awesome!!

    The set up was simple and once the trailer was level for the first time, locking in the trailer position was a snap. Now, leveling the trailer is as simple as bringing up the program. Awesome!!

  • Tim Berry - How to install - easier than others have described

    Great trampoline once you get it set-up. It took my and one other adult 1 1/2 hours, which is less than some of the things I read in other reviews. Having a cordless drill will cut-off at least 15-20 minutes. The instructions worked perfectly, although the diagrams were not as helpful. I had been really concerned about setting up based on other reviews, but it is not bad at all. Here are tips that should help you avoid problems:

  • Mom of Boys - Best cube ever

    This is by far the easiest cube to maneuver...much better mechanics than rubix's. Purchased two so my son and I can race.