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  • Canary-nose Marewee - Swift delivery

    Product arrived as promised. I haven't been taking this supplement long enough to know how effective it is.

  • Faye - Not so good.

    I have been drinking this stuff for a month now, and I don't see any difference in my energy level at all.

  • Thomas - terrible

    This mounting kit is a Piece of s***. It doesnt fit properly, the face plate pops off everytime the screen goes in and out. Do not buy this mounting kit if your using a flip out head unit. i wouldnt recomend it to anyone to be honest. i wound up throwing it in the garbage. complete waste of money. Get what you pay for with this item. Before i even opened the package the side of it had knicks in it like someone stabbed it with a screwdriver.

  • EdmondK - Awesome

    This thing is awesome. I'm 6 feet tall and it works perfect for me, both sitting down and standing up. Couldn't find another product on the market that does the same thing. Would highly recommend.

  • RICHARD B. SCOTT - joining wood using gorilla glue

    easy to use,stores well, sandable, stainable, bonds extremely well. a truly excellent product for wood. I am now expanding my uses to other materials and find it excellent also. I highly recommend the product.

  • Emily Hall - Overpriced

    I found the price tag to be a little steep for this. When I was a kid, we went swimming and my mom told me, "Watch out for huge ships. I mean really keep your eyes open, okay?". I've used that method to avoid huge ships ever since, and I've yet to be surprised while water sporting. It even works on smaller ships, canoes, and driftwood. So I kinda feel like this book is overpriced, considering my mom's advice about has it covered.

  • Kevin Mannheim - Description was very misleading.

    There is no way this should have been advertised as a 2016-17 draft board. It was missing all rookies and 2nd year players. Also, players that have been in the league for years, James Starks Chris Johnson and Zach Miller for example. Really killed the vibe of the draft with people having to write in 3-4 picks per round. Would not recommend this board.