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- Shaw Pit Bull Rescue, Inc. - Shaw Pit Bull Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving abused, abandoned or neglected American Pit Bull Terriers. We have over 30 years experience with APBT's, and truly believe they should be given every opportunity to survive.

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  • gary c. bourgeois - excellent product

    Finally I can use my Mac Quickbooks and have it easily relate to my Accountants files. I was using the PC version and that was all I used my old PC for. This enables me to be more comfortable and yet still have my accountant like me.....

  • Linda Win - I Love Doterra products

    I Love Doterra products. You can trust they are the real deal. This does help curve my appetite. When I add the correct amount of drops to the 8ozs of water and drink between meals. I do not have the carvings I always had. I am eating less which in turn means I am losing weight. It taste good also. I would recommend this anyone who wants a all natural way to suppress your appetite and hunger issues. Love it AAA+

  • thecomputerguy06 - Don't Use This!!

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic EX 1.7L. My car was running hot occasionally as well as low on coolant. I would top it off about every two weeks just to keep up with it. Every once in a while I would smell coolant so I knew I had a leak somewhere. At the rate of about 8oz every two weeks, I knew it had to be a small pin hole somewhere.

  • Layla - Bad outweighed the good

    Although it did improve my mood, it made me gain weight and get bloaty, and it gave me bad, metalic breath. For me it was not a viable solution.

  • Lana G - Really great for disguising thinning hair!

    I have been using this stuff for 20 years and absolutely cannot imagine living without it. My hair is extremely thin on the crown and this product makes it look much, much better. Now that I have a lot of grey, I mix the white in with blonde and it looks great. If you have thinning hair, give this a try.

  • toan - Unreadable

    The examples that you need to see to complete the tutorials are too low of a resolution and are unreadable. Do not buy this digital version.

  • Swedish classical music lover - Still quite useful, still quite limiting, and still too many rough edges

    As seems to be the pattern with new editions of Streets and Trips, there is nothing revolutionary about this upgrade, though it was almost two years in the making. While I find it a useful program, it is still quite limiting in ways I wish would be addressed.