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Shamrock Group of Pharmacies - The Shamrock Pharmacy Group is a locally owned and operated independent pharmacy group serving the healthcare needs of the people of Grande Prairie & the Peace Region.

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  • Early Riser - Great protector

    I got this virus protection because other name brands did not live up to their claims. This one, while it takes longer to set up, works great. I have no problems with it to date.


    Good weight loss and metabolism booster... I have done the XYNGULAR IGNITE 8 day program for three years in a row. Every year I do a strict ignite program 8 days and following with a modified ignite program, so approx 16 days with a DAY OR TWO BREAK in between.The reason I CANNOT give 5 stars is because the FLUSH colon cleanser has SENNA LEAF which is UNSAFE for use MORE THAN ONE WEEK. I was advised by my nutritionist from University of Michigan of this fact and did the online research. Everything I read supports SENNA LEAF is VERY DANGEROUS FOR LONG TERM USE (ruin your colon). The company does not post a WARNING. THE POSITIVES are...I can always count on losing (10 lbs / 8 days) round one ignite and easily lose another 6 pounds round two ignite. NOTHING ELSE has ever worked for weight lose and boosting my metabolism. I DO NOT SELL this product but recommend for anyone who is in reasonable good health if you are diabetic or have other major health issue see your doctor and nutritionist. I do not use all their products. I recommend the Xing tabs (for everyday use all year... works for me) for energy and keep metabolism engaged, Global juice antioxidant, Lean protein powder is very sweet ( I think in the future I will use my own whey protein powder, not sweet taste better and inexpensive), Cheat (good for blood sugar and weight loss) Flush colon cleanser (use no longer than one week), Accelerate is a stimulant and I only take a half or not at all during my ignite because it makes me very jittery. I don't like the Axion vitamins...too expensive. PLEASE BE AWARE NOT TO USE THE FLUSH/SENNA LEAF MORE THAN ONE WEEK.

  • Eddie - Dries your hair out

    it just dries out my hair i don't if i should shake it harder or leave in longer but overall this dries out my hair for days, usually my hair restores its soft after a day of shampoo but this dries my hair even when i only use twice a week, but this has good vitamins though

  • monicas - Don't buy this.

    It's a fraud. It is nothing like it claims, I'm currently trying to return it. It's not a simple return, therefore confirming my thoughts on it's shady tactics. Amazon should remove items like this. I use Amazon weekly, personal and work account. This makes me re-think my purchases. Especially since I have to go through red- tape to return it.