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Psychosexual Counselling and Psychotherapy | Richard Cruz - Marbella - Psychosexual therapy and relationship counselling can alleviate many factors that impact relationships from performance anxiety to bereavement.

  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/about-me/ Counselling Services | Richard Cruz | | Sex Therapy - Marbella - Spain - Richard Cruz has been in the counselling practice for several years now and is dedicated to counselling adult couples and individuals from all walks of life.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/about-counselling/ About Counselling | Psychosexual Therapy | Marbella - Spain - As an integrative counsellor Richard Cruz works on issues from self-esteem and anger management to internet addictions, anxiety and bereavement.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/psychosexual-therapy/ Psychosexual Therapy & Relationship Counselling | Marbella - Sexual problems can take many different forms and counselling can be used to highlight the issues causing them.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/psychosexual-therapy/erectile-dysfunction/ Counselling & Psychosexual Therapy | Erectile Dysfunction | London - Erectile dysfunction can be a psychological problem. Psychosexual therapy is useful in understanding why there is an inability maintain an erection
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/common-problems/ Psychosexual Therapy & Counselling Services | Common Problems | Marbella - Counselling and psychotherapy for common problems range from anxiety, feelings of emptiness to sexual problems and mood swings.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/couples-counselling/ Couples Counselling | Sex Therapy Marbella | - Couples counselling can be an effective way of addressing problems, such as trust issues, imbalanced sexual desires and communication problems.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/anxiety-and-panic-attacks/ Counselling| Anxiety and Panic Attacks | Sex Therapy Marbella - Extreme anxiety can cause severe distress over a period of time and disrupts the lives of affected individuals.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/anger-management/ Anger Management Counselling | Sex Therapy Marbella - Anger is a normal emotion but when it gets out of control and turns destructive counselling can help work through the underlying problems.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/bereavement-loss/ Bereavement & Loss Counselling | Marbella - Bereavement and loss counselling is focussed on making grieving healthy which allows the affected individual to express their emotions freely.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/depression-low-mood/ Depression & Low Mood Counselling | Marbella - Severe depression can occur for many reasons and this can have a negative effect on people‚Äôs relationships. Counselling can help alleviate this.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/eating-disorders/ Counselling for Eating Disorders | Marbella - Counselling for eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can help to nurture a positive relationship with food.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/lgbt-clients/ LGBT Counselling | Relationship & Sex Therapy | Marbella - Lesbian, Gay, and Bi-Sexual & Transgender affirmative counselling services.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/useful-links/ Useful Links | Sex Therapy Marbella - Useful links about counselling, psychotherapy, sex therapy and eating disorders.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/testimonials/ Testimonials | Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy| Marbella - Psychosexual therapy and counselling testimonials on premature ejaculation, self-esteem and sex therapy.
  • http://www.sextherapymarbella.es/suggested-reading/ Suggested Reading for Counselling | Sex Therapy Marbella - Useful reading on counselling and psychosexual therapy, relationships, sexual and personal growth.

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