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Building Solutions for Tomorrow's Agent - Senior Market Sales - Senior Market Sales is dedicated to helping agents leverage time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction. Speak to a marketer at 1-800-786-5566.

  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/about/ Dedicated to helping agents leverage time, make more ?money and put their business ?in a position of distinction - Senior Market Sales - Senior Market Sales, Inc. (SMS) is a full-service insurance marketing organization (IMO) dedicated to helping independent insurance agents leverage time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/about/why-sms/ Why SMS - Senior Market Sales - Our passion is working with agents who are hungry to grow their business, grow their knowledge, and make themselves and their communities better.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/about/services/ Services - Senior Market Sales - We offer a broad range of services to save you time and make your business stand out among the crowd.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/about/careers/ Careers - Senior Market Sales - Senior Market Sales, Inc. (SMS) is a leading insurance broker focused on Medicare solutions, long-term care insurance, life insurance and annuities.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/about/contact-us/ Contact Us - Senior Market Sales - Do you have a question or would you like more information about Senior Market Sales, and its services or products? Call or email us.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/education/content-library/videos/med-solutions/mastering-lead-generation-series-need-more-leads-for-aep/ Mastering Lead Generation Series: Need More Leads for AEP? - Senior Market Sales - Join Terry Meyer and the experts from LeadAmp to learn how to use the SMS Lead Store as your single source for pre-scrubbed leads from multiple vendors this AEP.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/education/content-library/news-updates/factors-to-consider-during-aep-2016/ Factors to Consider During AEP 2016 - Senior Market Sales - This year's Annual Election Period is kicking off, marking the busiest and most important time in our profession. Every year is a little bit different, and 2016's AEP has a few important factors for consumers to consider.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/technology/managing-enrollments/sms-e-ticket-online-term-life-submissions/ SMS e-Ticket -- Online Term Life Submissions in Less Than 10 Minutes - Senior Market Sales - With SMS e-Ticket you can submit term life apps online in less than 10 minutes. No filling out long applications with your clients. No medical questionnaires. Gather a few pieces of information and then pass that on to the carrier via our e-Ticket online portal. The carrier follows up with the consumer to get medical information and complete the app.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/education/content-library/news-updates/sms-exclusive-offer-aarp-med-supp-insured-by-unitedhealthcare-over-the-phone/ SMS Exclusive: Offer AARP® Med Supp Insured by UnitedHealthcare® Over the Phone - Senior Market Sales - Exclusively with SMS -- offer AARP® Medicare Supplement plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare®, over the phone using our proprietary App by Email® technology.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/about/contact-us/email/ Contact Senior Market Sales - Senior Market Sales - Do you have a comment or question? Please complete the form below and we will reply as soon as possible.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/ SMS can help you with your clients' health and wealth needs in retirement - Senior Market Sales - More than any other company, SMS helps agents and advisors service their clients' health and wealth needs in retirement. Call 1-800-786-5566 to speak to an expert.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/med-solutions-products/medicare-supplement/ Medicare Supplement - Senior Market Sales - Over the last three decades we've built a reputation as the industry's premier Medicare Supplement marketing organization.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/med-solutions-products/medicare-advantage/ Medicare Advantage - Senior Market Sales - SMS offers unmatched carrier relationships, agent tools and expertise. Thousands of agents rely on SMS for expert advice and stellar marketing support.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/med-solutions-products/part-d/ Part D - Senior Market Sales - SMS agents have successfully sold dental insurance after Med Supp appointments, and used dental insurance sales to open the door to sell additional products.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/med-solutions-products/major-medical/ Major Medical - Senior Market Sales - We specialize in helping you sell individual major medical plans and other products that can help fill the gaps in your clients' coverages.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/med-solutions-products/hospital-indemnity/ Hospital Indemnity - Senior Market Sales - Help your clients protect their savings and offset the cost of deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses incurred but not covered by other insurance plans.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/financial-products/annuities/ Annuities - Senior Market Sales - You need a partner that offers real solutions that help you reach more prospects, get more referrals and, ultimately, grow your business.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/financial-products/life-insurance/ Life Insurance - Senior Market Sales - We make life easier for you with our personalized service, underwriting assistance, quoting tools and diverse portfolio of quality products your clients need.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/financial-products/long-term-care-insurance/ Long-Term Care Insurance - Senior Market Sales - Our long-term care department is dedicated to making you more efficient, more knowledgeable and ultimately more profitable.
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/travel-insurance/ Travel Insurance - Senior Market Sales - Selling travel insurance with SMS is easy. Selling travel insurance with SMS is easy. Whether you're client's are traveling on business, vacationing, or are residing in a foreign country, you'll have the tools and products needed to provide their insurance solutions!
  • https://www.seniormarketsales.com/products/carriers/ Carriers - Senior Market Sales - SMS has the most complete product portfolio in the senior market, including Medicare solutions, annuities, life insurance, long-term care, final expense, dental, travel insurance and more. So you don't have to scatter contracts across multiple IMOs to build your portfolio.

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  • cat22 - I scarred my kid for life !

    I almost killed my kid....seriously. My 15 yr. old son was constipated after a week of eating nothing but pizza. He begged me for something.

  • Leslie - Love it!

    I am very please, love the color! Gray coverage was excellent...other dyes would leave my grays lighter than the rest of my hair. This dye left my hair all the same color, and helped hide what I thought was thinning hair on top.

  • Armchair Critic - Good rackets

    These rackets are great. Nice and light, good for beginners as well as experienced players. Much better than those cheap ones.

  • jenniferrb517 - Smells great, Cleans great!

    I just started using this shampoo paired with the PM Instant Moisture Daily Treatment about 1 month ago, and I LOVE it. I've been playing around with more natural alternatives to my hair care and after my stylist used another product from this line I was hooked. First of all it smells amazing! I love scents that are clean and light and this shampoo falls into that category. It leaves my hair smelling clean and fresh unlike other drugstore shampoos that have a heavy floral or fruity scent.

  • Amazon Customer - My son loves them so far. I think they ...

    My son loves them so far. I think they run a little small.we ordered a half size bigger and they fit perfectly

  • Olivia - This book provides good test taking stragedies in general

    I rented this book from the library. I need to take a placement test for college and the test is similar to the ACT. This book provides good test taking stragedies in general. It is easy to read and easy to follow. The examples are helpful as well.

  • Ron Husted Jr. - Couldn't be better and great instruction! Easy!

    Don't know what some people were complaining about when it comes to instalation? Mine came with clear instructions? ( smaller crossbar goes to the rear) If one just folds up the rubber that goes between the crossbar and the rails, it is clearly marked at both ends ("RH", right hand and "LH" left hand sides). Super simple and a great product. This our third CRV and I paid full price for roofracks the first time. Never again!