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  • prissNtx - Please Dont Waiste your Time/Money

    OK guys. I NEVER write reviews, this is literally my 2nd , maybe 3rd one. But I just had to let potential buyers know PLEASE DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT. My 2 week old disposable razor is more effective and less time consuming. False Advertising should be punishable by monetary consequences and maybe this type of blatant misrepresentation about what a product is capable of would at least improve somewhat. I just hope this will save someone from waisting their hard earned money.

  • valeria - It actually works

    I have been using it on my Chihuahua for a few weeks now and her bad breath was almost gone instantly. Her mouth is so tiny and hard to keep open so the applicator very helpful. I was skeptical at first, but every day there is less and less build up. I'm very happy with the results, especially for such a low price

  • Amazon Customer - Very satisfied

    Though I haven't checked out all the aspects of this wonderful speaker, the experiences thus far are a- one ! I made a simple way to mount it to my bicycle and paired it with my iPod for enhancing my riding enjoyment. Great sound quality and plenty of volume.

  • Pla77 - Sold me on the Kinect

    I purchased the Kinect as a gift but they turned it down due to a lack of space. So, I didn't really want it either as it seemed like a fun gimmick (that was the idea of the gift just a fun gimmick). I tried the Adventure Sports game and thought it was fun but not really targeted to my age. So I picked this up on sale because I was on an exercise kick.

  • DC Vipers - Great

    Great scent and works very well for sensitive skin. I've use the shave cream, pre-shave oil, and the aftershave balm everyday for 6 years and have never looked back! Great stuff.

  • jess - I was growing out my hair from a pixie cut...

    And these were so helpful! I took them religiously and I really do think they helped my hair to grow much faster and my fingernails never break and grow super super fast! Great product I still take them even though I'm done growing my hair because they make my nails so pretty and keep my hair healthy!

  • Dale E. Clapper - Don't buy it, too many problems and GoPro is no help

    This camera is a buggy and problematic. The wifi remote will not stay synced with the camera or it will turn the recording on but will not shut it off then lose sync with the camera. My GoPro 2 works great, this camera has too many problems that GoPro can't seem to correct.