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  • Catherine - No longevity to this product---Do not waste the time or money using it

    We meticulously followed the instructions for this product!!!!! We purchased the stain, deck sealer and all the Rustoleum supplies for applying this product. We probably spent close to $1000 and several days very carefully applying this to our deck.

  • JoeG - Unforntunately it didnt work for our cat

    I believein homeopathic treatments but our cat's hyperthyroid condition didn't improve after 3 months and we had to go back to the vet's prescription medication to bring the thyroid back under control.


    The installation of KIS-2014 was one of the most frustrating episodes I have attempted to perform. Several attempts over a two day period ended with error messages, the most baffling was " . . . you do not have enough power because you are not an administrator" or something similar. I did at least half a dozen installs/uninstalls before receiving the magic words: "Installed successfully; Loading the application; and finally, Enter activation code". Note that I am a previous KIS user and never had this much difficulty with the previous KIS 2013 installation. Also note that I had contemplated switching to another product (not Norton), but did not have enough information, with the exception of other comments from users who purchased from Amazon. A popular consumer rating magazine gave KIS a pretty good rating, so I decided to stick with KIS. I did contact KIS support, via email, received an "incident number", but have not received a reply. The last aggravation was an opportunity to give KIS my feedback, which I started to do. I was asked multiple personal and demographic questions (which I never complete), and I terminated the session. One final comment: KIS does have telephone customer support, 1-866-525-9094. Hope this helps in your decision-making.

  • Peter Tarnowski - Micro Soft Word 2010

    Got Just what I ordered!!Microsoft Word 2010 is one great product. I used to have Microsoft Word 2007. The 2010 version is much better.

  • Amazon Customer - These pedals are great! Very solid feeling and better than most bmx ...

    These pedals are great! Very solid feeling and better than most bmx plastic pedals that are out there. They're sealed bearings, tons of grip and very durable. Id buy them again