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Rienstra Clinic - Welcome to the Rienstra Clinic - The Rienstra Clinic is an independently operated medical clinic in Port Townsend, WA. Dr. Douwe Rienstra and his staff offer an integrated and personalized approach to medical care.

  • http://www.rienstraclinic.com/our-practice/staff Rienstra Clinic - Clinic Staff - Monroe Street Medical Clinic is an independently operated medical clinic in Port Townsend, WA. Dr. Douwe Rienstra and his staff offer an integrated and personalized approach to medical care.
  • http://www.rienstraclinic.com/what-we-do/getting-care/prescription-savings Rienstra Clinic - Prescription Savings Service - Prescription Savings Service from Monroe Street Medical Clinic in Port Townsend, Washington.

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  • UW Fan - Perfect for your Honda/Acura rims!!

    So I bought some rims off craigslist for real cheap with a lot of tread still left. However, they were full of curb rashes. So rather than just driving with them, I take on the daunting task of fixing them. Just google fix curb rash and you'll receive plenty of instructions. This spray paint makes all the difference. It flawlessly matches the paint on the rims so even if you paint more than it's needed, you can hardly tell. I've fixed two sets of rims with this. 2005 Acura TL 17inch rims and 2010 Honda Accord Coupe 18 inch rims. I highly recommend a dremel if you don't already own one...

  • SherriRhiannon - AWESOME FOR STINK BUG

    We don't have a problem with roaches but with stink bugs. This is only stuff that works and it works great. The stink bugs stay gone for 3-4 months, then you need to spray again but they are NEVER as bad as before.

  • Cameron - Amazing product

    I received my MYNT Smart Tracker a few days ago and I have already learned how to work all of the functions. It has lots of features that are easy to use and understand. It sounds an alarm to remind me to take my wallet and smartphone with me and makes it easy to find them too. I would highly recommend this to anyone who misplaces things or just enjoys a good quality gadget that also looks the part. It was delivered quickly and is exceptional value for money. Would highly recommend to others, regardless of your technical abilities. If I can use it easily, anyone.

  • J.T. - Good Running Shoe

    This shoe has served as a great replacement for my old worn down pair of running shoes. I used a website to find which shoes were similar to the shoes I had been using and these showed up. I would say the website nailed it. They feel similar to my old shoes. Overall i would say they're your basic pair of running shoes, lots of sole and a drop that compliments heel to toe running technique.

  • Amazon Customer - I just don't know how they've done it?

    the battery pack is compact & light, you can easily slip in your pocket or your bag. the LCD display is also a nice touch,that way you don't have to guess whether you have 1% or 25% of power left(like the others with only LED lights) I'm not so sure about the ten charges 'cause I only got six & half of my moto nexus 6(maybe it's due to the fact that I have a larger battery?) It's LCD display also comes with the feature that tells you whether your device is charging 1A or 2.1A which is really neat! I especially like the sleek design with the two flashlights, it does come handy when you need them. I try to charge 3 devices at the same time and it all work-out just fine. Believe me for the price you really can't get it anywhere, I just don't know how they've done it?

  • Osbert Ponder - Good software but Intuit Greedy and Forces Upgrades

    I had to buy this (I swear I've had to buy 7 or 8 copies of Quickbooks) because Intuit's business model makes you buy the newer version to access client files made in a newer version. Most accountants have to maintain several years worth of QB versions because if you open a file from an older version with a newer version, QB upgrades it so it can;t be opened by the older version anymore, forcing you to buy a newer version.