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Earthworks Landcare | Landscaping Design & Maintenance, Patios & Hardscape Design, Lawn Fertilization - Earthworks Landcare, LLC is a full service lawn maintenance and hardscaping services company in Blenheim, New Jersey.

  • http://www.restoringsoil.com/services Earthworks Landcare Services | Organic, Natural & Transitional Lawn Care, Patio & Hardscape Design - Earthworks Landcare, LLC employs full service lawn maintenance, landscaping and hardscaping services.

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  • lbsouth - Difficult to learn, but amazing once figured out.

    This is the hardest to learn hair styling product I have ever tried. I looked at, at least 5 you tube videos, and was getting no where. They offer a free online personal consultant and I was about to sign up for that when I decided to try one more time and found a tutorial that worked for me. Is the link. It gives very loose lovely beach curls/waves. My hair is layered and just past shoulders (at shoulders when curled), so I was thinking that was why it would not work. It is pricey but there is nothing that will give you a similar look. It really is easy and quick, once you figure out how in the heck to do it. I do clip up my top layers, do the bottom then, drop clip and do the top. Takes about 10 minutes, plus or minus a few minutes depending on how curly or loose I want it.

  • teenie - has always been great

    I have been using this for some time. I have found the disk version to be much easier to install. I have tried other products but always came back to mcafee every time. I feel this is very good at blocking bad stuff and have never had any issues with this. I had a very hard time finding the right web site to use this product. When you do find the right one then it goes fine. The only issue with this product so far is one of my computers says the firewall for mcafee is snoozed. I could not get this to work and had to resort to another product so I could be safe with my firewalls. I would recommend this to anyone who has time and a truck load of patients to find the right site and load this into your computer.

  • Getting sleep Mom - GREAT for carpet, not so great for tile

    My parents have this vacuum and love it. I did a lot of research on this product and what stood out was it's amazing suction. When mine arrived and I vacummed areas of my house that get vacuumed daily, I was very impressed (and disgusted) with what this vacuumed picked up and what my other vacuum had left behind. It is FABULOUS on carpet! It doesn't work that well for me on our tiled flooring. Perhaps it's because our areas of flooring are high gloss, I don't know, but it doesn't seem to pick up that well. It also doesn't like to pick up larger crumbs on the tile left behind by our kitty's or our child. It seems I have to go over those spots numerous times to get it to pick them up or I end up just picking them up by hand. (My Swivel Sweeper sucks these up like no tomorrow) And I'm not talking "giant" pieces...I'm speaking of bits of cat food, cat treats, or general crumbs left behind by a young child. That is the dissapointing part of this vacuum, at least for me. I was hoping to have one vacuum that could do it all (especially since this is not a cordless vac. but it looks like I'm going to still have to use a different one for my flooring) SUMMMARY: GREAT ON CARPET...ACTUALLY SUPERB, NOT SO GREAT ON TILE

  • sheena swain - Wonderful

    I love the book for so many reasons.first it has lots of gossips and drama.Secondly, who doesn't love awesome sleep over wars??as you can obviously see this is an absolute best book ever in history.