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  • Mystery lover - Purple light not helpful

    I have an older one of these that is the white light. It worked great for a long time. The new one with the purple light was a waste of money. It does not cut well. The purple light makes it impossible to see what you are doing. I still use my old one and not this new one.

  • E. Dowd - They will cut!

    These knives will do the job, but if you are looking for the great JA Henckels quality, it won't be found here. I think they are overpriced for the quality.

  • Natalie - Great alternative for traditional clipless peddles

    These are great clipless peddle shoes for people who need/want to be able to walk around in their shoes. If you have ever owned traditional clipless peddles you know they are only meant for riding with. These have cleats that are engulfed by the soles of the shoe. You can't even tell they are there! Another great thing about these shoes is the fact that they look and feel like normal shoes. While they are a bit heavy, they do have tons of room in the toe box.

  • The wail - Beware the free riders.

    Be Careful. Perhaps this could be a good tool to sort thru the chaff of links and listings, but I certainly couldn't sort thru Rabbit's BS, and never used the headline product. What I did get to sort through was my installed programs register. Because the dongle installed almost a dozen programs that weren't necessary, to divert my computer for various merchandising schemes. Most were also put in my start-up directory. Some had pretty scary names. I wouldn't say I was hijacked or infected, but it took three sessions including reboots to purge these parasites. Rabbit should give these things away for free, but they still wouldn't be worth it.

  • Yaron - wonderful

    Bought this with a 2nd cable and an electric acoustic guitar. I am a complete beginner but my 9y old son who did not want to learn an instrument so fat was envious and now is hooked, we played "against" each other for hours yesterday ;)

  • Nicole - The pockets on this are perfect for what I need

    The pockets on this are perfect for what I need, but drinks spill while walking because they sit at an angle. This accessory also can make it harder to fold down the stroller.

  • Jake from State Farm - Stay away from any ouija board please!

    6 years ago was the last time I used mine, Friends and I would go to cemetarys and goof around on this board. Until one day like them all we all claimed nobody moved the curser. However in my apartment the next day as I was going to.mess with it myself, and arc went across the board. Maybe like a one foot square flash. I have never seen words out of this board but that experience alone I will never touch the board again. Had really bad luck for a while to. Stay away from these, ya never know what you might get. Its not a toy.