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Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists, Atlanta, Georgia - Dr. David Redding and Dr. Alan Redding specialize in asthma and allergy services in Atlanta, GA. Both are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology.

  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/about-redding-allergy-and-asthma-specialists/ Asthma and Allergy Services for Children and Adults - Find allergy relief at Redding Allergy and Asthma Specialists. The doctors provide allergy and asthma services for children and adults.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/about-redding-allergy-and-asthma-specialists/history-and-mission/ Allergy Relief | Immunology | Asthma Treatment - Reading Allergy & Asthma Specialists is the leading immunology, allergy and asthma care in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/about-redding-allergy-and-asthma-specialists/insurances-accepted/ Allergy, Asthma, Immunology | Accepted Insurance - Atlanta's Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists accepts major insurances for allergy, immunology and asthma services.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/allergy-conditions-and-treatments/ Allergy Treatment | Atlanta, GA - Redding Allergy & Asthma Services offers allergy treatment for drug allergy, food allergy, insect allergy, and hives. Other treatments cover immunology and asthma.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/allergy-treatment/ Allergy Relief | Allergy Treatment - At Redding Allergy & Asthma Services, patients of all ages are in good hands with board-certified allergy physicians.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/asthma/ Atlanta Asthma Treatment - All asthmatics should learn about their asthma triggers. Learn to control and treat your asthma at Atlanta's Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/drug-allergy/ Drug Allergy Evaluation | Medication Allergy - Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists can evaluate you for drug allergies. Commonly reported drug allergies include penicillin, amoxicillin, and sulfa drugs.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/food-allergy/ Food Allergy Testing & Treatment - If you notice symptoms of a food allergy, Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists can perform food allergy tests and offer treatments for allergy management.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/hives/ Skin Hives | Urticaria - Urticaria is a medical term for skin hives. At Redding Allergy and Asthma Specialists, hives management may include antihistamines or a prescription.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/immune-deficiency-evaluation-and-treatment/ Immune Deficiency | Immunotherapy - Atlanta's Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists offers immunotherapy options for patients facing recurring infections involving lungs, sinuses, skin & bones.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/immune-deficiency/ Immune Deficiency | Immunodeficiency - Redding Allergy and Asthma Specialists' doctors are board-certified in immunology, offering immune deficiency management treatments.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/insect-allergies/ Insect Allergy | Insect Sting Allergic Reaction - If you've ever had a reaction to an insect bite or sting, Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists can test you for an an insect allergy.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/nasal-allergies-and-sinusitis/ Nasal Allergy Relief - Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists offers nasal polyps, sinus disease, and nasal allergy treatment to treat allergies and leave you breathing comfortably.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/pet-allergies/ Pet Allergy Treatment | Immunotherapy - Pet allergies are very common. Immunotherapy for pet allergies can help people live comfortably with their pets.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/sinusitis/ Sinusitis | Sinus Swelling - Sinusitis is swelling in the tissue lining the sinuses. Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists will evaluate you and provide Sinusitis treatment options.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/services/skin-allergies/ Skin Allergy | Eczema Treatment - Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists provide skin allergy, allergic contact dermatitis, and eczema evaluations to find the best skin allergy treatment for you.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/atlanta-allergists/ Allergy and Asthma Specialists | Atlanta, GA | Allergists - Dr. Alan R. Redding and Dr. David R. Redding, are certified to the highest national standards by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI).
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/patient-information/ Patient Information | Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists - Appointments, forms, links, resources, and office policies at Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/patient-portal/ Patient Portal | Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists - Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists' patient portal includes appointment reminders, health information, prescription requests, health records, and more.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/patient-information/appointments/ Allergy, Immunology & Asthma Appointments - Atlanta's Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists is taking new patients for allergy, immunology and asthma services.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/patient-information/forms/ Patient Forms | Allergy, Asthma, Immunology Services - Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists offers printable patient forms for your convenience.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/patient-information/allergy-links-and-resources/ Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Resources - Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists offers links and resources for patients to learn more about allergies, asthma and immunology.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/patient-information/office-policies/#web-privacy-policy Office Policies | Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists - Atlanta, GA's Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists offers allergy treatment and evaluations, as well as asthma and immunodeficiency services.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/news/ Health Blog | Medical News | Allergy, Asthma, Immunology - Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists' blog includes the latest allergy, asthma and immunology news, as well as recent events the doctors have attended.
  • http://www.reddingallergyspecialists.com/contact/ Redding Allergy & Asthma Specialists Office Hours & Contact - Office Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Friday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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