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Quotient Clinical - Quotient Clinical's Translational Pharmaceutics platform integrates early drug development and formulation with clinical testing, significantly reducing the time and cost of bringing a drug to market.

  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/about/translational-pharmaceutics/ Quotient Clinical — Translational Pharmaceutics® - The Translational Pharmaceutics platform integrates early drug development programmes with manufacturing facilities and clinical testing capabilities, all together on one site. Translational Pharmaceutics is revolutionising early drug development, driving formulation and clinical trial programmes forward like never before.
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/about/our-story/ Quotient Clinical — Our story - Our Translational Pharmaceutics approach gives our customers access to formulation development, real-time manufacturing and clinical testing capabilities at a single site, from a single company, as opposed to separate service providers.
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/about/our-expertise/ Quotient Clinical — Our expertise - We are committed to science-driven early drug development and use our expertise and knowledge of innovative technologies to design and conduct flexible clinical protocols, maximizing the amount of valuable data available from a program.
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/about/our-expertise/pharmaceutical-spray-drying/ Quotient Clinical — Pharmaceutical spray drying - Pharmaceutical spray drying is an established formulation technique at Quotient Clinical, tailored towards the physical and chemical properties of each molecule. Providing GMP manufacturing capabilities at the 100mg to 3kg scale, we have advanced more than 20 spray dried dispersion (SDD) formulations into clinical studies in the last 2 years.
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/services/getting-to-poc/ Quotient Clinical — First-in-Human to Proof-of-Concept - Our First in Human study program integrates real-time drug product manufacturing with healthy volunteer and patient clinical testing into a seamless early development plan.
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/services/14c-radiolabelled-compound/ Quotient Clinical — Human ADME - We are the world leader in delivering 14C human ADME programs in preparation for NDA/MAA submissions.
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/phase-1-clinical-trial/ Quotient Clinical — Phase 1 Clinical Trials - Quotient Clinical is the leading Phase 1 clinical pharmacology expert conducting the highest standard of first in human studies
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/services/support-services/biometrics-and-data-management-expertise/ Quotient Clinical — Data science and biometrics - Our data science and biometrics team provides an expert data management service supporting statistics, programming, pharmacokinetics (pk) and medical writing
  • http://www.quotientclinical.com/case-studies-2/ Quotient Clinical — Case Studies - Discover how pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations have achieved success using Translational Pharmaceutics.

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  • BoxReviews - Great For The Price

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  • L. Koehler - Cornerstone of any step-I prep

    This book along with a Q bank (USMLERx, Kaplan, UWorld, etc.) should be the cornerstone of any good step-I preparation. It contains essentially everything you need to know boiled down to the bare bones. FA will refresh what you learned in class and a Q bank will test that knowledge/expose weaknesses, then you can add to FA to clarify weak points and make it personalized to your preparation needs.

  • retroclassic - Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

    So disappointed to see this bra discontinued! There is nothing else like it! Have worn this style bra for years almost exclusively for a reason-its so comfortable and is great for smaller to medium busted women esp. with bigger band sizes. The cups are smooth and shaping without looking fake and the lace band doesn't bind while giving support with freedom of movement. I sleep in these bras without discomfort. I wear a 38B or 38C and love the 3 hook back wide band as it helps give support and hide back fat as weight fluctuates. Please Warners, bring this Bra back!!!!

  • jeannie wray - I think they are working ;-0

    I think they are helping I am not sure if it is physical or in my head either way it's always good to feel better:-)

  • acomp - Decent Verbal; Online Content Bad

    The verbal section of this book, I felt, was pretty solid. I used it mainly as a vocab booster because I was pretty used to reading comprehension stuff from the MCAT. However, the math section was lacking. I skimmed through the real basic review and started actually paying attention at square roots. That's where I stopped as well when I spotted some pretty sloppy work. Basically, they stated a good rule of thumb as fact. I'm fine with rules of thumb, but if there are exceptions to the rule, then don't act like there aren't. I can't speak to the rest of the math section, because I couldn't take more.