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Free web page and directory listing for Psychiatrists & Psychologists - Directory displays over 1,000 doctoral level professionals in 100 specialties; Free web page includes profile, phot, languages and links. Search at no charge by prospective patients.

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  • WBMK Cosmetics - Good reference tool

    It's easy to follow and understand. I've used access for a number of years but I am not a programmer. I'm also dyslexic so if I can follow along and make things happen using the book, anyone with basic knowledge of the tool should be just as successful if not more.

  • Amazon Customer - I stopped the pain by reverting to Office 2010.

    Changes going from Office 2010 to Office 2013 make it extremely irritating to use, and in fact break functionality available in 2010. After having paid top $ for the downloadable "pro" version of 2013 and having tried to use it for 4 months on a new PC, I just gave up and reverted to Office 2010. What pushed me over the edge was the axis scaling functionality for charts in Excel. It used to be (in office 2010) that you could auto scale to a set of data, freeze the setting (by selecting the "manual" radio button) and use that for subsequent data. However, in redesigning the dialog for 2013, this functionality that I use a lot was broken. It looks like the design team "lost the plot" on the good design of 2010 when they made it "pretty" for 2013. Also, a lot of the functionality compactly displayed in the single dialog box is now scattered across several panels. What a botch!! This story is repeated across the entire Office 2013 - gratuitous change for no reason that gets in the way of useful functionality. I am an old guy and have been using MS office since the beginning. I'm used to being violated by MS. If it weren't for a large collection of Excel VBA-code macros I'd give up on MS Office and switch to Libre Office.

  • Kindle Customer - Holt McDougal Larson Geometry:At- Home Tutor CD-Rom

    This is an excellent CD and it is easy to understand and follow.l love all the examples. This CD is perfect for