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Psychemedics - The Leader in Superior Detection of Drug Abuse - The Leader in Superior Detection of Drug Abuse for over 25 Years. For Organizations who are serious about drug testing & creating a drug free environment

  • https://www.psychemedics.com/scientific-leadership/ Scientific Leadership | Hair Testing | Psychemedics - Many companies view a hair drug test as an investment rather than a cost because drug use impacts productivity and quality of a workforce.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/why-choose-pmd-hair/ Why Choose Psychemedics Hair Drug Testing | Psychemedics - Psychemedics pioneered the use of hair testing for drugs of abuse & continues to make scientific breakthroughs that have advanced the field of hair testing.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/innovations/ Innovations | Psychemedics - Psychemedics' Record of Innovation for hair testing, processes, research and more.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/a-message-from-our-ceo/ Message From CEO | Psychemedics - Message from CEO, Raymond C. Kubacki. We are proudly committed to helping clients maintain a drug-free environment with our trusted proprietary technology.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/drug-panel/ 5 Panel Drug Test | Psychemedics - 5 Panel Drug Test Psychmedics tests for all the most commonly abused drugs: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, and Phencyclidine
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/workplace-drug-testing/ Workplace Drug Testing | Psychemedics - Workplace drug testing is the most efficient method for identifying employees who use illicit drugs. There are many advantages to choosing our hair testing.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/school-drug-testing/ School Drug Testing | Psychemedics - We developed specific programs to help school drug testing and hundreds of schools trust our patented technology for deterring drug use.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/personal-drug-testing/ At Home Drug Test | Hair Drug Testing | Psychemedics - We offer an accurate & reliable home drug test that can be purchased online and mailed directly to you. The test results are private and confidential.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/hair-alcohol-testing/ Alcohol Hair Test | Psychemedics - The alcohol hair test measures average alcohol consumption over a period of about three months and can provide a behavioral indication of excessive use.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/instant-testing/ Instant Drug Test | Psychemedics - We offer a broad range of options to help you including an instant drug test called DrugCheck. This is a cost-effective onsite drug screening solution.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/contractor-compliance/ Contractor Compliance | Psychemedics - We offer contractor compliance tools through VECTOR, an online tool which enables Contractor Companies to meet the drug testing program policy requirements of Owner Clients.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/the-importance-of-effective-drug-testing/ Importance of Drug Testing | Psychemedics - Drug users impact workforce safety and cost your company in many areas like productivity, absenteeism, workers compensation, insurance costs, & employee theft.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/the-science-behind-hair-analysis/ Science Behind Hair Analysis and Testing | Psychemedics - Hair analysis technology capitalizes on the way the body metabolizes ingested drugs as they flow through the blood stream & deposit in the cortex of the hair.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/why-hair-over-urinalysis-testing/ Hair Drug Test vs. Urine Test | Psychemedics - A urine test generally detects drug use for only the previous 2-3 days while a hair test has a longer detection window that accurately identifies drug use.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/all-hair-drug-testing-is-not-the-same/ Advantages of Hair Drug Testing | Psychemedics - We've been pioneering the hair drug test process for over 25 years with superior detection rates, full FDA clearance, and a fundamental patent.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/words-of-caution/ Words of Caution | Psychemedics - Abstaining from drug use for several days is not going to work with our hair test. Our test can detect marijuana users at a higher rate than a urine test.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/case-studies/ Hair Drug Test Case Studies | Psychemedics - Through case studies, learn how workplace and schools have been positively impacted by a Psychemedics program.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/testimonials/ Testimonials | Psychemedics - Read testimonials from our clients in the workplace and schools that have had a positive experience with us.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/hair-drug-testing-facts-faqs/ Hair Drug Testing Facts | FAQs | Psychemedics - Hair drug testing questions? Get facts and information on drug detection periods, what drugs can be detected, cut-off levels, test accuracy, how much hair is needed and more.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/sales/ Sales and Marketing Contact | Psychemedics - Contact our Sales and Marketing office in Dallas, TX at (877) 517-2033 if you are a company based in North America or an international company looking to test in North America.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/client-services/ Client Services | Psychemedics - Client Services Information. Call (800) 522-7424. Hours: 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM CST, Monday - Friday. Located in: 5832 Uplander Way Culver City, CA 90230
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/corporate-headquarters/ Corporate Headquarters | Psychemedics - Psychemedics Corporate Headquarters is located on 125 Nagog Park, Suite 200 Acton, MA 01720 U.S. Main Phone Number: (800) 628-8073
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/international/ International Locations | Psychemedics - We have international locations & contact information for companies outside of the U.S. that would like to test.
  • https://www.psychemedics.com/for-our-clients/ For Our Clients | Psychemedics - Resources for our clients about our training, drug test results, VECTOR program, review payments, newsletters and information about the drugs we test for.

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