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Home | Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants, Inc. - PRO PHARMA is a Consulting Firm that specializes in Analytics (ProData Analytics) , Pharmacy Benefits and Organizational Strategy for Health Care Systems. As an outgrowth of our Consulting we have developed IT capabilities for the last 29 years that focus on Standardization and Analysis of Integrated Data Sets (i.e., Medical Encounter, Member, Provider, Pharmacy Claim detail, etc.). We have significant expertise in Programming, Systems Analysis, and Data Analysis

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  • Marilyn J Dittman - Well done and very practical book

    I use this and recommend this book to anyone who is seriously desiring to detox their body. The teeth are extremely impacting on total body health far more than realized and this opens up understanding to that fact.

  • hikertrash - Great for weekly maintenance water changes

    Seachem Prime water treatment works very well in my freshwater aquarium stocked with guppies, Cory catfish neon tetras and green neon tetras. I have a 37g tank and I perform 25-30% water changes weekly. I treat with 1 capful of Ceachem Prime (5ml) directly in to the tank just prior to adding tap water. I have had no detrimental effects to any of my fish as Prime neutralized chlorine/chloramnies immediately. I really like this product because it eliminates the need to pre treat water prior to water changes. With Seachem Prime I'm able to do my weekly tank maintenance in less than 15 minutes with less chance of spilling water everywhere. I also highly recommend the Python automatic water siphon for anyone with tanks grater than 10 gallons to create a smooth and seamless water change system.

  • carebear - DANGEROUS!!!!!

    DANGEROUS!!! i am a mom of three boys and this is the most crazy stroller ever! My 7 month old hit his head on the tray in front because there is no securing the seat back(i was going down a small curb bc no ramp)! He was able to pull himself up and flop allover the place! With the 5 point harness on.

  • A. Wayne Parker - Sufficient

    I've been using this program and it's upgrades since 2006 when I switched to Mac. Prior to 2011 the program worked fairly effortlessly. I cannot say the same for the 2011 version with all it's added bells and whistles.

  • joe matysik - The way the knife clips into the case is pretty awesome/super secure

    Ok so maybe I didn't know what a dive knife was when I was ordering this. I guess dive knife means that it doesn't have a point on the blade (not sure why that is) What I really wanted was a knife that wouldn't rust sitting in the deck bag of my kayak. Knife is darn sharp and is very well made. Serration is mush sharper then the standard blade part but I took care of that with a ceramic sharper in quick order and now all of it is very sharp. The way the knife clips into the case is pretty awesome/super secure. For the money I would say well worth it for a waterproof knife. Only complaint is that the entire back side of the knife is not sharp at all (maybe it isn't supposed to be as a dive knife???)

  • Peter Schau - Still a solid product after all these years

    I've used the Street Atlas products for 15+ years and they continue to be the excellent resource I depend upon them to be. I recently purchased the 2014 version to replace the 2009 addition and like it just the same. I still haven't had a chance to fully learn all the in's and out's of the new version, but did notice that the distance tool is now tied to the draw function. I would have preferred it if they would have left it as a separate option on the tool bar as they did with the previous versions.