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Promed Galileo front page - Sito ufficiale dell'associazione medica Promed Galileo, Pisa, Italia. Si occupa di formazione, aggiornamento, ricerca, supporto, promozione e tutela dei medici del territorio associati.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Cesar Williams - Works Fine

    I have a house on the mountains,where there is a lot of snakes. I spread Snake A Way and I have not seen any snake around, so it looks to be working.

  • Christopher - Inter-Dimensional travel now a reality.

    Using Testing Product expanded my mind beyond 3 dimensional space into alternate realities no human mind has ever yet perceived. Both parent AND child, I am now a pan-universal wizard of time and space. I often travel forward (1st dimension), sideways (2nd dimension), up (3rd dimension), yorbic (4th dimension) and gablic (5th dimension) all SIMULTANEOUSLY. In another universe, I am now a king. A warrior. An eater of suns. Recommend highly.

  • Byron Flateland - Business end annoyingly swivels

    New model quieter, less vibration than old unit, but water capacity is much less and it has less power (smaller, cheaper motor I'd guess). If you're fast, you can make a whole mouth on one tank. BUT, unless you apply continuous forward pressure with the index finger on the knurled thing that holds the insert that pokes into your mouth, it has an annoying tendency to turn so it's difficult to keep the water directed at the gumline. Also, the hose on my old unit sprung a leak and was irreparable, so I bought an extra hose assembly with this unit in case it is no longer offered when the current one inevitably springs a leak. Why can't products made in the U.S. hold together??!! Anybody know of a good Japanese manufacturer?