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Progesterone Info - Progesterone-Info - Balance your hormones with Natpro natural progesterone cream. Hormone balance is essential for good health and is easy to achieve and maintain

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  • dmperfection - but happy to report tat the pair we received are originals

    We were very skeptical, but happy to report tat the pair we received are originals. Arrived in excellent that came in its own black Ray-Ban case and wiping cloth. We took them to Kaiser for the lenses and we confirmed frames were legit.

  • Scott T Carpenter - Best deal for the price

    After reading the reviews on this site, I was a bit wary about ordering it. But he price was too good, so I did.I'm glad I did. A previous review said the backup camera did not work automatically. Mine works perfect as soon as I shift into reverse. All of the features, except internet and TV work, and those appear to be an antenna issue. The only hold back from giving it 5 starts is the interface is cludegy and non-intuitive. Once you figure out all the features, though, its perfect. I had it installed at Best Buy since I did not have time to do it myself, and I'm glad I did. My biggest regret in is lack of an support forum and online manual. I do agree with the one reviewer that someone took the original text and ran it through google translator.

  • Tony - Leak sealed on Cherokee XJ

    I had a leak in my O-ring between my power steering reservoir and the actual pump on my 01 Cherokee Sport. It was leaking pretty badly, and I was having to fill up the fluid almost once a week if not more often. I figured that this stop leak was worth a shot instead of buying a new reservoir or pulling everything out and fixing the leak. I was very surprised to see that after a day of average driving there were no more leaks. So far so good, I have driven about two weeks and 300 some miles and there is no leakage from my Jeep. I am only giving this 4 stars for the time being because I haven't stopped the leak for more than a few weeks, if the reservoir continues to stay dry I will update with another star. A word of warning though, this will not fix leaks in pressure or return hoses, I tried a little of this to try to fix a leak on my high pressure power steering line and it didn't do a thing. For fixing small leaks or drips in the power steering pump/mechanism or rack though this stuff is great.

  • Kirsten Callahan - it's ok

    it's what I expected to buy, nothing spectacular about it but it was the best price available, at least at the time.

  • WILLIAM E MCDONALD - Good stuff

    This product was recommended by my dermatologist. Once I started using it, it was clearly better than my old facial moisturizer. It's often out of stock at my local stores, so I'm glad to get on Amazon.

  • R. English - Took 1/2 hour or so to program itself but it's HD and the picture is GREAT! Very happy and using this as an office ...

    Incredible really that you buy a 32" TV with this clarity for $200. It was delivered and I hooked it up and had it operational on our cable service in under 10 minutes. Took 1/2 hour or so to program itself but it's HD and the picture is GREAT! Very happy and using this as an office TV for our business which is weather related so we have the "old folks" MTV equivalent on all day: the weather channel!