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Dr Kamal Gupta | Consultant Psychiatrist | Private Psychiatrist Practive | London - I am a full time NHS consultant and run a part time private practice at Capio Nightingale Hospital specialising in Anxiety & Depression, Relationship problems, Schizophrenia & Bipolar disorder, Alcohol addiction, Occupational mental health & stress, Health anxiety, Personality disorders and Medico-legal report writing.

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  • Mikey - The ULTIMATE Abdominal Punishment!

    All I can say is...WOW. I have tried doing ab exercises in the past, but never felt that I engaged them enough to have a positive effect (maybe my beer belly had something to do with it!) I've had my Flex Belt for a few days now, and it's INTENSE! I actually look forward to my sessions, I'm encouraged and excited to work out now, and it has helped me with portion control during meals, as my abs are much tighter and sometimes sore. Here's the regime that I follow. I start off with Crunch 1 and Crunch 2 (that's 90 crunches) at intensity level 150/150 - yes, it is very intense at that level, but I love it. I do the Crunch workouts first, because my abs are too fatigued to try to do them at the end. Next, I do Ab-Power (Session 7) at level 150/150 on my back. This is the strongest session, and I try to pull my abs toward my spine during each contraction...the ultimate abdominal punishment! This really tires out my abs, but I'm not done yet! I do another Ab-Power session, again trying to suck in my belly, but it's really tough during this session because my abs are really fatigued at this point. If I try to slack off because I feel that I can't take anymore, WHAM! Here comes another GUT CRUSHING contraction! There is no escape!

  • Jeffrey E. Jackson - Automobiles

    This is one great magazine that gives you the inside out of the most beautiful Automobiles created at their time. Beautiful photos and coverage on any style or price range of vehicle they cover. This was a Chtistmas to me a year ago and Im renewing to keep it going.

  • Barbara Sullivan - I would certainly recommend it without hesitation

    It did exactly what it claimed it would do. I used it on two 29 yr old dark green plastic chairs that had turned all white and blotchy. They are green again!! I then used it on the plastic shutters on the house that had faded badly with the same results. I would certainly recommend it without hesitation.

  • Larry - 2012 HR Block at Home decided my parents are no longer my dependents

    My parents have been my dependents for years and I've no issue with their dependent status until using 2012 HR Block at Home version (2010 and 2011 at Home version worked just fine). I've manually completed the Worksheet for Dependents and they passed all 4 tests (age,relationship,support,residence). Yet the software failed to checked the relationship and age boxes and kept telling me they are not qualified. I've also entered the same info using TaxACT 2012 and that software is telling they are qualified as my dependents.

  • brian - Beware of catching more bacteria and mold

    Pros: cleans both sides of nasal passage. nasal pillows for insertion are soft. easy to remove tank and clean.

  • Dr. Michael J. De Vito - My experience tells me Dr. Wallech is 100% right.

    You may not need Dr. Wallach's advice if you live deep in an exotic hidden valley, heat your home with a woodstove, raise your own livestock or grow your own fruits and vegetables. I am tempted to give that a try but I am not there yet. Like me you probably live and work in our modern society. You shop in typical local markets and big box stores for most of your food and groceries. All the more reason to listen to what Dr. Wallach has to say about minerals. We are mineral depleted. Overtime that takes a toll on health. I am an addiction recovery physician and have seen nutritional deficiencies show up in many ways. For instance various states of poor physical health and that includes brain chemistry imbalances that can manifest into depression and compulsive addictive behaviors. Finding the missing puzzle piece can make all the difference. My experience tells me Dr. Wallach is 100% right.

  • Charlie in NW - BUT, BUT! There is a problem. Read carefully. Good device but limitations apply!

    This review will go over Functional vs. Practicality vs. Limitations. The combined rating is 4-stars.