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Enabling Better Care and Outcomes at a Lower Cost - Premier Inc. - A healthcare improvement company uniting an alliance of approximately 3,750 U.S. hospitals and 130,000 other providers to improve the health of communities.

  • https://www.premierinc.com/careers/ Careers - Premier, Inc. - If you share a passion for transforming healthcare and improving the health of communities, a career with Premier may be perfect for you.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/transforming-healthcare/healthcare-performance-improvement/ Healthcare performance improvement solutions - Premier, Inc. - Premier, Inc. has the performance improvement solutions for your hospital or healthcare facility.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/transforming-healthcare/healthcare-policy/ Advocacy and support for influencing healthcare policy - Premier, Inc. - The Public Affairs office of Premier acts as an advocate for members; helping to shape healthcare policy for greater efficiency and reduced waste.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/healthcare-alliance/who-it-benefits/ Healthcare alliance benefits: Find out why you should join - Premier, Inc. - Find out the benefits of joining a healthcare alliance. Premier is transforming healthcare by reducing costs, influencing policy, and using data to make informed decisions.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/healthcare-alliance/why-premier/ Choosing a partner to help transform healthcare - Premier, Inc. - Premier is making strides to transform healthcare. By joining our alliance, you'll have a trusted partner to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/healthcare-alliance/join-now/ Join now: Ways to join our healthcare alliance - Premier, Inc. - Join our healthcare alliance as a member. Become part of a group that wants to revolutionize healthcare.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/healthcare-alliance/request-more-information/ Request more information about our healthcare alliance - Premier, Inc. - Interested in learning more about Premier, Inc.? Find out how we can help increase efficiency and effectiveness in your healthcare facility.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/supplier-partners/who-it-benefits/ Supplier partner benefits - Premier, Inc. - Whether your company is large or small, we value a mutually beneficial and collaborative partner. We seek suppliers committed to delivering the best value.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/supplier-partners/why-premier/ Selecting a group purchasing organization: Supplier partners - Premier, Inc - Partnering with Premier as a group purchasing organization means selecting a company whose focus, scale and reach are unmatched.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/supplier-partners/how-to-become-a-supplier/ Become a supplier: Steps for getting started - Premier, Inc. - Learn how to begin the process of becoming a supplier with Premier. Follow our steps for starting the path to contract consideration.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/supplier-partners/faqs/ Supplier partner FAQs - Premier, Inc. - Find answers to many frequently asked questions form supplier partners in our supplier FAQs.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/supplier-partners/request-more-information/ Request more information: Supplier partner interest - Premier, Inc. - Thinking about becoming a supplier partner with Premier? Request more information and learn more about the benefits of joining our alliance.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/about-premier/about-us/ About us - Premier, Inc. - Premier helps reduce healthcare costs, improve quality, and uses collaborative data to help make better healthcare decisions.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/about-premier/mission-and-vision/ Mission and vision - Premier, Inc. - Premier's mission and vision is to connect healthcare organizations across the country through our people, data and technology.
  • https://www.premierinc.com/about-premier/speakers-bureau/ Speakers bureau - Premier, Inc. - Premier’s speakers offer unique insights and tangible solutions to the challenges facing hospitals, payors and providers.

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  • A Stevens - It didn't do anything for me. I usually wish ...

    It didn't do anything for me. I usually wish my hair about every 5 days. I didn't notice a difference. Plus, this product had leaked during shipping.

  • GolferX - Better than a tissue or lens cloth

    If you ski/board/sled and get powder snow inside your goggles, the Snow Eraser works pretty well. It's small, about 1" x 2.5" and 0.25" thick, small enough to fit in a wrist or arm pocket. It's foam with a layer of chamois on one side. When you yard sale and get snow inside your goggles, dump out most of the snow and use the spongy side to get all the remaining snow out of the corners of the goggles. Then use the chammy side to dry off the lens so it doesn't fog up. I found it worked better than a tissue or napkin or lens cloth to get snow out. It actually dries the lens instead of just smearing the water all over the inside of the lens. It's also soft so it won't scratch the inside of the lens.

  • S. H RAPTIS - Love it!

    I love this backpack. I am a graduate student, and need to carry my laptop along with notebooks and text books and everything fits very nicely in this bag. Purple is my favorite color, so that helps too :)

  • Jeffrey Russell - Excellent guide, with one caveat

    Excellent guide book to Germany. I would recommend getting the Kindle edition and putting it on your phone or tablet (or both) so that you can have it handy instead of toting the paper copy around. Well documented with current updates and suggestions for off the beaten path sites, such as restaurants and hotels. Only slight knock would be that some locations in Germany, such as Heidelberg, are not covered at all as Mr. Steves believes that they are overly touristy or not worth seeing. If you have a reason to go to these locations, which are overpopulated with tourists, you may need to have some information regarding that locale. I think the guide would serve the reader better if these type of locations were covered, at least minimally, with a caveat that the writer would not recommend visiting them.

  • Gabriela G. - awesome all around

    I bought this for my 2.8lb Chihuahua, Blue. Put it together very easily. Did have the same impression as many other people, its flimsy apart but once its put together its very strong. I had the same problem others did, Blue does not like the doors so I took them off. I can see how a 100lb dog could fit in here. He has room for his bed at the end and his food and water bowl up front and there is about a foot of space between his bed and the food bowls.

  • Kasey L NeSmith - Such a fun read!

    Admittedly, this is not the genre of book I would normally pick up to read, but I am SO glad I did! Whether you're a fan of travel, or a fan of romantic comedies, (or both!) this book is perfect. R. S. Grey does a wonderful job of transporting the reader to a seaside village in Italy, so much so that it is almost as if you are watching this story unfold firsthand, with a glass of wine in one hand and a cone of gelato in the other. The characters are easily related to, with some awkwardness, shyness, and complexity, and they come together in a story that is hard to put down!