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  • Jamie W. - ... this machine a month ago and I share my disappointment with the new K-cup requirements

    I purchased this machine a month ago and I share my disappointment with the new K-cup requirements. I was not aware of this when I purchased it, and nothing indicated this on the packaging. In order to enjoy the coffee I enjoy (which mostly includes their own coffee) I have had to resort to cutting off the tops of "approved" cups and tape them onto "unapproved" ones. Not that I mind doing that, as it is easy... It's just the principle considering the cost I paid for it.

  • Alex Zagorski - Don't waste your money at the dealership, get them here!

    I got a slightly used 2014 Equinox and it didn't have the crossbars. I figured I might have to spend a few hundred to get these at a dealership but finding these surprised me. They are great quality and slide right into place. I use the rack for skis and bikes and I've even strapped a bed frame up there and no problems. They have stayed solid, kept their color for almost a year now, and make my Equinox look that much better.

  • Jennifer - Definitely works and will continue to use!

    I did the two week bikini plan and at first it's very difficult to get use to drinking only the Almased for the first week but once you get through the first 3 days it's easier. Plus, you just have to look at the scale and see the results, that's motivational enough to keep on track. I ended up really liking the drink and continue to use it for breakfast and sometimes lunch. Love how it made me feel, felt like I cleansed my body and got back on track to a healthy diet.

  • insomniac4288 - Decently impressed!

    I did not buy this on Amazon, rather at a local electronics store. I was looking at a $600 Samsung with 120hz refresh rate, then I found this one. I've bought a basic 32 inch LG for the bedroom and liked what they have. The Motion Clarity Index is a little misleading. This has an MCI of 120 (slick one, marketing department...) but it is a 60hz TV. So the question is, can you tell??? If it is more than 32 inches, I want at least 120hz for what I say is a decent quality picture. I used a bluray copy of Man Of Steel to test it and I was not disappointed. You will not be able to tell. The only thing on this TV I would improve on is simply the need for a soundbar if you are a movie buff. LED TVs simply don't have the cabinet space for decent speakers. They are fine for regular TV watching, but invest in a soundbar at least. That is next on my wish list. Overall.... Buy this TV! $400 for 42 inches that doesn't have a brand name you have never heard of is totally worth it. LG has made a mark on my house and the next will be an LG 4k TV with webOS I saw. They have a good product. Now if I can just get my wife to watch another TV so I can pick the movie...

  • PixieRN - 5+ years and going strong!

    I purchased this treadmill from Sole in December 2009, and it is still going strong! It survived a move from Virginia to Georgia, and it is not a fun item to move - it is heavy! Unfortunately the government movers (I am in the Army) lost the bolts that hold the plastic arm covers on the treadmill, so they are zip-tied on. No big deal. Had an issue with the treadmill not functioning about 3 months after purchase, Sole sent a repair person and it was fixed quickly - just a loose wire. I am currently running about 15-20 miles a week, rehabbing a deployment injury (hip), and the treadmill is great. My only complaint is that it takes longer than I feel it should to get up to speed initially - I almost feel like I have to manually get the belt going, and I am only starting at 3.5 mph for a warm-up walk. I can't remember if it has always been so slow to start, but I don't think so. I run with a shoe pod and Nike+ sportwatch, so I am not too concerned about the display - as you can imagine, an older F63 is super basic, and that is fine! My sportwatch speed and calorie burn is very similar to what the treadmill reports. I have to say that over 5+ years, I have gotten my money's worth!