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Award Winning Private Hospital | Parkside Hospital - Wimbledon, London - Parkside Hospital has over 30 years' experience in offering award winning treatments and care to our patients.

  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/request-appointment/ Request an Appointment - Please click on the relevant links above or right to contact us to make an appointment.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/careers/ Working at Parkside Hospital - At Parkside Hospital our mission is to provide first-class, independent healthcare for the local community in a safe, comfortable and welcoming...
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/breast-care/ Breast Care - We offer a number of breast care and surgery options for both medical and cosmetic purposes.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/oncology/ Cancer / Oncology - The oncology services at the Hospital are provided in partnership with Cancer Centre London. The Centre is at the forefront of cancer care in the UK, and is within easy reach of both Parkside Hospital and central London.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/dermatology-(skin-conditions)/ Dermatology (Skin Conditions) - Skin conditions can range from medical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis to warts, lumps and bumps and skin tags.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/diagnostic-services/ Diagnostic Services - Diagnostic Imaging is the modern term used for a variety of Radiology examinations used to aid diagnosis by producing detailed images of the internal structures of the body.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/ent-surgery/ ENT Surgery - The consultant otolaryngologists (ENT surgeons) provide specialist treatment and care for conditions concerning the ear, nose and throat.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/gastroenterology/ Gastroenterology - Gastroenterology is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the stomach, bowel, liver and pancreas, colon, oesophagus (the gullet) and intestine.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/gender-clinic/ Gender Clinic - The Gender Clinic at Parkside Hospital is headed by Mr James Bellringer, Consultant Urologist, and he is supported by Miss Tina Rashid, Consultant Urological Surgeon.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/general-medicine/ General Medicine - Rapid Access ClinicUrgent access for the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions is available at the Rapid Access Clinic at Parkside...
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/general-surgery/ General Surgery at Parkside Hospital - A summary of some of the more routinel General Surgery undertaken at Parkside Hospital
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/gp-service/ GP Service - A private GP Service is provided as part of the Outpatients Department at Parkside Hospital. If you have a busy, hectic schedule, aren’t able to visit your NHS GP, or just want the freedom to make a more convenient appointment, a private consultati
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/gynaecology/ Gynaecology - Our Gynaecology department provides specialist care for women, with both male and female consultants.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/haematology/ Haematology - Medical conditions related to your blood can be diagnosed and treated by our haematology specialists. Our department cares for people with haematosis, thrombosis and other blood-related concerns.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/neurology/ Neurology - Consultant Neurologists practising at Parkside Hospital can assess, diagnose and treat conditions relating to the nervous system through...
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/neurosurgery/ Neurosurgery - Neurosurgery is one of our most important departments, and we work hard to stay at the forefront of modern medicine in this area to support our patients.Neurosurgery is one of our most important departments, and we work hard to stay at the forefront
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/ophthalmology/ Ophthalmology - Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with vision and the eyes. We work with a team of dedicated ophthalmic consultants who can diagnose and treat a wide number of eye conditions.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/oral-and-maxillofacial/ Oral & Maxillofacial - Conditions treated by the Hospital's oral and maxillofacial consultants department affect the teeth, jaws, mouth, face and neck.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/other-services/ Other Services - Growing older and the loss of strength, fitness or mobility aren’t necessarily related. Should you or a relative fall ill at a more mature age, however, complications can sometimes present themselves.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/paediatrics/ Paediatrics - Children are fully supported by expert Paediatric Consultants. Parents and carers are also welcome to stay with their children in a private bedroom if their treatment involves an overnight stay at the Hospital.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/pain-management/ Pain Management - Personal injuries such as cuts and bruising, broken bones and physical trauma all cause acute pain. A nagging ache or pain might also be a symptom of another problem.
  • http://www.parkside-hospital.co.uk/physiotherapy/ Physiotherapy in Wimbledon - At Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon our Physiotherapy Department provides exercise programmes and complementary therapies. We accept patients who have been referred by their GP or other healthcare professional, their employer or self-referred.

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  • Kenna W. Fouty - A lot of pain relieving power in a reasonably priced electrotherapy machine - would definiyely recommend to a friend!

    I purchased this small electrotherapy machine expecting results comparable to its size. When I first used it on a shoulder injury, I was amazed by just how much power was being generated by such a divice. After watching it work on me, my wife pretty much reallocated it to her personal medicine cabinet.

  • Bob P - Not Much New

    I had the 2011 edition of Street Atlas which I have used in the past to plan vacation routes. As I was doing my planning I noticed there were many roads that were not listed in my 2011 edition. What to do…buy the new 2015 edition; and I did. I started to do the planning over, and guess what…the same roads were missing. There does not appear to be much, if any, additional roads added. Bottom line - don’t waste your money updating to this edition. Better yet just use Google Maps it's very up to date and no cost.

  • Renee - Fine product

    My dentist recommended this particular mouthwash for me. I have some periodontal issues and this helps for this. It also keeps you mouth moist. Helps between cleanings


    LOVE this stuff! I wash my hair at night and use this on it in the morning for smoothing and SHINE. Very light, great smell and half a pump does all that I want and I have mid back very thick and curly/wavy hair. KEEP SELLING HERE PLEASE! Cheaper than locally for sure!

  • jesse barton - looks great and works perfect

    really nice on my fz 07 . i turned the sequential signal iff because it was too much attention for me. overall it makes my bike look cleaner since i took off my original signals