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Personal Trainer, Nutrition - Peak Athletic Posterior System - Paps Fitness - West Palm Beach, Fl - PAPS Fitness: personal trainer based in West Palm Beach dedicated to motivating our clients to achieve their fitness goals with core strength and confidence.

  • https://www.papsfitness.com/training.html Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach - Peak Athletic Posterior System - Paps Fitness - West Palm Beach, Fl - PAPS Fitness: Certified Personal Trainer. Resistances-balance-stabalization-optimal aging. Core strengthening and lengthening strategies to achieve your fitness goa
  • https://www.papsfitness.com/contact-us.html Peak Athletic Posterior System - Paps Fitness in West Palm Beach, Fl : Contact - Peak Athletic Posterior System, Inc. personal trainers based in West Palm Beach helping you achieve your overall fitness goals with core strength and confidence.

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  • Bonnie Coles - So far, so good

    I have an older home which had had very, very poor maintenance over the years. I began using Rid-X immediately; within two months noticed that toilets flushed faster and the drain fields, though never sloppy wet, were dry and NO ODOR, AT ALL! Can't say its entirely due to Rid-X, partially due to better use habits (previous residents didn't know (or didn't care) .what NOT to flush).

  • The truth and nothing but - Religious

    Blu-ray for under $10, This is not low budget, but it is amateurish, so as not to ruin the movie, all I'll say is it has a religious aspect to it. I did not like the movie, but that dose not mean you won't, if your a religious person and can believe in strange possibilities, it is a good, safe to watch with children, story about 2012. No nudity of any kind, no sex, very limited violence, no gore, no foul language that I can remember.

  • J. J. - Great product! Really works.

    I started using these strips on recommendation of my dentist after a cleaning. They are easy to put on and stay in place very well compared to the early versions of the crest white strips which slid around easy. You only have to do it once a day too!

  • Danny Boy - Webroot is Great.

    I have been a Webroot customer for many years. I find the product superior to others in the market and the customer service excellent. Do not see me using any other antivirus software. Well worth the $$$ spent each year. And believe me it is very user friendly.