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Pain Maps - Pain Maps is an educational resource center dedicated to neuroplastic approaches in healing pain and neurological dysfunction, and to non-invasive, drug-free treatment options.

  • http://www.painmaps.com/an-overview-norman-doidge/ An Overview: Norman Doidge - Pain Maps is dedicated to neuroplastic approaches in healing pain and neurological dysfunction, and to the work of Michael Merzenich and Norman Doidge.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/neuroplastic-approach/ Neuroplastic Approach - Pain Maps is dedicated to a non-medicated and neuroplastic approach to healing pain and neurological dysfunction.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/support-pain-maps/ Pain Maps - Researching material on Pain Maps is a solo venture aimed at bridging the gap between different fields of expertise to expand the narrative on pain.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/giving-thanks/ Giving Thanks - There are people in this world who lift you up; who offer words of comfort or a helping hand at certain junctures that bring unforeseen ripple effects.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/articles/ Articles - Articles of interest on nerve pain, neuroscience, brain function, neuroplasticity, CRPS/RSD and everything related; also featuring essays submitted.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/videos/ Videos - Featuring videos on nerve pain, neuroscience, brain function, neuroplasticity, CRPS/RSD and everything related. Will also feature submissions from readers.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/neuroscience-of-pain/ Neuroscience of Pain - Interviews on the neuroscience of pain, neuroplasticity, brain rehabilitation, CRPS/RSD, the nervous system, alternative views on healing and more.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/books-understanding-pain/ Understanding Pain - Suggested reading on topics including neuroscience, brain function, pain therapy, nerve pain, the nervous system and understanding pain.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/medley/ Medley - The boundaries of this section are a little wider -- really, a medley of anything useful or interesting, but it has yet to develop character. Stay tuned!
  • http://www.painmaps.com/chronic-pain-therapy/ chronic pain therapy - Pain Maps is concerned with ideas about pain and chronic pain therapy that go beyond management to strive for healing and lasting rehabilitation.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/blog/ neuroplastic approaches - Stories on experiences and healing of pain using neuroplastic approaches or a holistic mindset.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/alternative-treatments/ Alternative Treatments - The world of alternative treatments is rich with promise where the healing of pain is concerned but demands smart navigation and discretion.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/of-interest/ Of Interest - A variety of offerings on pain and its relationship with the nervous system that may be of interest; different schools of thought in neuroscience;
  • http://www.painmaps.com/vagus-nerve-infection/ Vagus Nerve Infection - - The vagus nerve infection theory and its connection to CRPS / RSD, pain and neurological dysfunction in general is compelling.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/bacteria-pain-link/ Bacteria Pain - The bacteria pain link is begging for research and public awareness; microbes of all kinds have been increasingly linked to neurological disorders.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/lyme-disease-crps/ Lyme Disease & CRPS - - The Lyme Disease CRPS connection is evidenced in compelling research on pain, neurological dysfunction and Lyme. 
  • http://www.painmaps.com/fun-cool-stuff/ Fun Cool Stuff - Featuring facts and myths about the brain and perception; fun cool stuff to contemplate, stretch the mind or mull over.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/neurological-autoimmune/ Neurological & Autoimmune - Web sites, articles and research on the relationship between neurological disorders and autoimmune conditions.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/crps-rsd-brushstroke/ CRPS / RSD - CRPS / RSD is a disorder of the nervous system, and its origins are in the brain’s maps, or pain maps. It falls within the realm of "soft neuroscience".
  • http://www.painmaps.com/perspectives-on-pain/ Perspectives on Pain - Ideas, ruminations and perspectives on pain and dealing with pain that challenge the status quo, invoke possibility, expand the mind and stir hope.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/holistic-approach/ Holistic Approach - For most pain therapists focused on healing and rehabilitation, a holistic approach is key to affecting lasting change; featuring thoughtful articles.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/bodymind/ BodyMind - Drawing on the concept that the physical body and the mind are interdependent and one, this section focuses on ideas and thinking that build on bodymind.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/quotes-about-pain/ Quotes About Pain - Quotes About Pain: “ Understanding pain neurophysiology is linked with less pain and improved movement...."
  • http://www.painmaps.com/neuroplasticity/ Neuroplasticity - Neuroplasticity, also known as cortical remapping, suggests that the brain has the power to change, and dramatically so.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/graded-motor-imagery/ Graded Motor Imagery - Graded Motor Imagery is a rehabilitation process used to treat pain and movement problems related to nervous systems disorders by exercising the brain.
  • http://www.painmaps.com/cortical-integrative-therapy/ Cortical Integrative Therapy - Cortical Integrative Therapy is a brain rehabilitation treatment for traumatic or acquired brain injuries, neurological conditions and CRPS or RSD.

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  • Howard Goodknight - Pretty Cool

    I've only use this for about a week, but so far it works perfectly. Despite the reviews I read and the unboxings I watched, it is surprisingly quiet. I have yet to have any use for the Bluetooth, so I haven't had any issues with WiFi slow down, I use a 2.4Ghz USB 2.0 wireless chat pad, and a USB 2.0 4 port hub, which work just fine. I had an initial issue with powering the device from the USB port on my TV, I ended up having to use the adapter that came with it. If all you are wanting is a device to surf the internet, watch Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, on your TV, this will not disappoint you. However if you are looking for a good PC, for the price, you would honestly be better of buying an HP Steam or similar device, in my opinion.

  • Rebecca Pierce - Great value

    This thing is seriously ginormous. I have kind of smallish hands, and sometimes I don't feel like I've got a secure grip on the tumbler. I ordered the tumbler handle for the "other" name brand one, and it fits this one perfectly. The tumbler does fit in my car travel cup place, but there isn't really room for a second beverage because of how hulking this tumbler is, unless that container is like a soda can or something that it straight on the sides from the bottom to the top. The lid is super secure and fits an extra long slim steel straw (regular diameter straw size). It's made in China, but so is the name brand one. Watch for it to go on sale!

  • Christine Smith - Moosh shampoo

    Have only used it once so far but I liked the way it cleaned my dog. I have a dog who is always oily feeling and it seemed to get him clean. I like the feel of it and the smell. I think it is a pretty good product.

  • Restatements - New Generation of Gaming is finally here!

    Like other PSVR owners, gamers should definitely ease into the amount of time played and avoid fast-moving games initially to develop/acclimate to this new style of gaming.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Value

    I am really surprised at how well the vacuum works for the price! I was a little skeptical because of some of the reviews. I find that if you use a good skimmer net if you have a lot of leaves and then the vacuum, you can have a really clean pool. I first used the vacuum because I had a layer of dead algae covering the bottom of my above-ground pool. I found that the algae was not being filtered out properly by the standard cartridge filter, so I sent the vacuumed water to the drain. It worked great. After I got the pool set up again, I had some fine debris on the bottom and the vacuum worked great as designed. I have not used the skimmer that came with this kit because the mesh looks too large to catch anything but leaves.

  • hard to please - Probably just me

    I thought I followed the directions correctly. However, I did not have a good result using it. It is not a simple apply and wipe. There are a few steps you must take to ensure proper results.

  • Aries - Works great!

    We used it as a muscle relaxation and as Pain relief. Husband been using mineral ice, benday for a while for his shoulder pain and hips and back! He has a bursitis and a lot of issues with his bones. All ingredients from this product are very unique compare to others but also it has most of all ingredients like others. The smells is nice kinda minty i think. Color is orange and the texture of the cream is pretty much like the muscle pain reliver cream beside the smell is different compare to them.