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Custom designed knockout, knock-in and transgenic mice - Ozgene - Ozgene is a global provider of custom designed knockout, knock-in and transgenic mice, and the developer of the revolutionary goGermline technology. Over 250 research papers have been published by our clients utilising Ozgene's genetically modified mice.

  • https://www.ozgene.com/gogermline-knockout-and-knock-in-mice goGermline - Ozgene - goGermline is a revolutionary technology to generate knockout and knock-in mice fast and efficiently, while improving the 3R's of animal welfare.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/about-us/ozgene-story Ozgene Story - Ozgene - Ozgene is a global provider of custom designed knockout mice, knock-in mice and transgenic mice, and the developer of the revolutionary goGermline technology.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/services/knockouts Knockout mice - Ozgene - Ozgene is considered the leader in conditional knockout mice. In fact, Ozgene CEO & CSO were the first to publish¬†a C57BL/6¬†knockout mouse in 1993. Contact us for a complimentary assessment to generate your knockout mice.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/services/knockins Knock-in mice - Ozgene - Ozgene offers custom designed knock-in mice (humanized mice, reporter mice, point mutations etc.) using the most reliable knock-in mouse generation methods. Contact us for a complimentary assessment.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/services/transgenic Transgenic mice - Ozgene - Our targeted approach provides you with transgenic mice that save you time, money and resources. You receive only one transgenic mouse line with a predictable expression pattern, rather than multiple founders with random expression.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/publication/crispr-knockout-and-knock-in-mice CRISPR - Ozgene - CRISPR knockout and knock-in mouse technology is exciting and shows some promising results. CRISPR does, however, come with drawbacks that still need to be worked out.

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  • Prof Carley - On the car just as a trial and now my wife won't let me take them off!

    When the racks arrived I figured I would try them on the car to see if they fit, if they were sturdy, and could actually hold something. I got distracted and forgot to take them off after a couple of days and now my wife will not let me take them off the new Honda CRV we just bought three weeks ago. She says it enhances the car's look. Driving on the highway was actually very quiet and you would not even know they were up there. They are still fitting very well, sturdy, and hold things very well - terrific racks at a wonderful price!

  • Steve in CA - A great learning experience

    Read cover to cover and I will use this book as a reference going forward. If you make business decisions now or in the future this book will clear up demographic trends with simplicity and clarity. They create a great way of redefining generations to assist in understanding what happened and where we are going. Ages, women, men, kids, retirees all covered thoughtfully with great graphics. A great learning experience.

  • M. Seggio - met expectations

    This was the required text for a graduate level finance course that I took recently. Just a tip, if you need this text for a course that uses the 13th edition, there are only slight variations between the 12th and 13th. I found that most of the homework problems were the same with only a few exceptions. For the exceptions, the content of the problems was similar, just different numbers. I was able to get the correct numbers from a classmate.

  • K.T. - this didn't get rid of all my calluses and tough areas like it claims

    I'm a week in and I will say that it definitely does work. I'm still peeling a little. However, this didn't get rid of all my calluses and tough areas like it claims, even though I left it on longer than recommended, and soaked my feet every night. They do look a lot better, but be prepared to have hideous feet for about a week. Socks are definitely needed during this time because skin will come off everywhere. Totally gross and totAlly worth it.

  • Amy Carlson - Taste Great...but doesn't come with Injector

    This stuff makes the turkey taste amazing! I'm only doing 3 stars because the picture shows an injector, but it didn't come with one. Previous years I've made purchases from other sellers, they have come with the injector.

  • Sms4461 - WeatherTech liners for 2013 Ford Escape

    I love them, I purchased the front and back floor liner combo and the cargo liner. They fit like a glove, and turn up at the sides so if something is spilt it will catch it. The back seat floor liner is all one piece and goes right over the hump in the middle. They fit great and has come in handy already with my grand daughter throwing cups and snacks out of her carseat. The front liners fit great and snap into the floor so these mats are not moving. The only thing I wish is that the driver side left foot rest was fully covered. The liner goes up maybe a little more than half way. That is not where I rest my foot, so it is not a biggie for me. The cargo liner is perfect.

  • L. C. Chandler - Horrible product and company does not care about their customers

    Bought this several years ago. As soon as I used it, the water container cracked. I was still able to use the container several more times before it became cracked completely enough that it leaked and could no longer be used. I then ordered another container directly from Haan. I used the second container and the same thing happened. I contacted Haan and told them what happened. They told me that sometimes that just happens and they refused to do anything. They would not replace the steamer and they would not send me another water container for the steamer. They were not even apologetic about the defective product. I bought a third water container thinking I would give it another try. The third one cracked and became unusable after the first use. I just bought a Bissell and spent considerably less money. I haven't used it yet, but it got great reviews and the man who checked me out at Best Buy said he bought the same one for his mother and it is a great product. Either way, I'm sure Bissell will replace it or at least compensate me in some way if it is defective! Do not buy this Haan!!!!