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Oraluxe – Cefpodoxime – Antibiotics - Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Syria - Treatment of Otitis media, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, infections of skin

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  • MJ Shopper - Skin & muscles look younger

    I'm 67 years old and I work out everyday. I've tried both the vanilla and the chocolate. I highly recommend the chocolate. After I started taking this my skin and my muscles looked smoother and younger. I gave some (vanilla) to a friend to try.

  • C. Jabonero - Duplicolor clear coat on wheels - Epic FAIL!

    Refinished my rims summer of 2011. Winter comes and the paint has cracked already on all four rims. Spring of 2012 saw the cracked paint turn yellowish. The rims are now looking older than before I refinished them. This product is such garbage, I have to refinish my rims again in less than a year! Besides the results, applying these were a pain as there would be milky white areas and I had to be really careful not to allow these patches. As is the case with 1 crappy product, it takes down the entire lineup. Duplicolor - never again will you take my money.

  • John in NYC - Interesting, but, I still don't know who killed Sonny

    This was good book, very well researched, certainly very well written. But, the problem with delving into deaths that occurred forty years ago, is that few people who were involved are still alive today. And, if they are alive, it is because they are smart and know how to keep their mouth shut. The book implies that Liston’s boxing career was past him at the time of his death. Not so. I have read that Liston’s manager Dick Sadler had agreed to a fight with Canadian champ George Chuvalo. Sadler is dead, but Chuvalo is still alive and well, and I would have loved to have heard his view of the whole Liston murder theory. Anyway, Sonny will always be a man of mystery. We don’t know exactly when he was born, or exactly when or how he died. Sonny would have liked it that way. He never got personal.

  • Mokelel - Perfect for adjusting to new time zones for traveling or for when returning home.

    I took one pill the first time I took it and I became sleepy within half an hour. I did not feel groggy at all the next day. The next time I took these, I took the recommended 2 pills. And same affect. Sleepy within half an hour and no grogginess the next day.

  • Mary - Good stuff and lasts for for a long long time

    Good stuff and lasts for for a long long time. My greatgrandson is 8 months old and he has never had a diaper rash. We use it on him pretty much after every diaper change, especially when he has a bowel movement..I brought this bout 7 months ago and the jar is not half full yet. I highly recommend this product..

  • Amazon Customer - fits perfect and came within a few days i got the ...

    fits perfect and came within a few days i got the black and i like the silver buttons to make it pop on my black 5s... im about to order another purple or mint for my mom!