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  • Eric Keating - Just OK...

    This provides a fine surface to use with my rotary cutter, but I have only used it a few times and already there are several gouges in it. I guess I was expecting a little more "healing" from the "self-healing" cutting mat. Also I would say that I am disappointed in the thickness/clearness of the lines on the mat. I have a hard time seeing them through even a thin quilting cotton, and anything thicker and it is impossible. I bought this with the grid thinking it would help with laying things out and ensuring straight cuts. But the markings are hard to discern, which leaves me measuring, marking, and drawing lines still before I cut anything. Finally, as other reviewers have stated, this product gives off a very strong plastic smell that is pervasive and persistent. It smacked me in the face as soon as I opened the package and has continued even after three washes and sitting in my garage to air for a couple weeks. All in all I would not recommend this item to anyone, but it serves the purpose of saving my counters and cutting boards when I need to trim fabric, so I will not completely knock it.

  • Mark J. Wagner - Save yourself time and headaches and find a backup solution that actually works!

    Save yourself some time and find another backup solution. This product has several major flaws. First, if you have relatively new hardware its boot disk creation utility is very poor. You MAY be able to create a boot disk that works but you will have to manually find and add the right drivers. Other solutions, like Macrium Reflect automate the entire boot disk creation process. Second, it has no log viewer built in if you run into any issues with your backups. Third, there is no way to delete old or unwanted backup sets from within the program. Fourth, some of the features and functions simply don't work. Honestly I have no idea how/why this product gets any positive reviews.

  • Mr. Joseph A. Morris Jr. - Small changes go a long way!

    This cube has a much more fluid movement than any other cube that I have owned. I keep it on my desk at work and the slight curves make a lot of my coworkers want to play with it. The V Cube is very well built. I love it!

  • CtryLdySmile - Works, but need patience

    This is THE product for me. I have battled candida for about 10 years, nothing worked, Dr.'s kept trying things, one even told me to deal with it because I was fat! (I'm average size, not huge but not Barbie either) I find out about this product on a candida support website, tried it from my local health store. It does take time, this is something that is rooted in your system, and it does not go away overnight. You also need to go through what the support site calls the "kill-off". It is not pleasant, however if you stick with it, once you get beyond that point it gets much much better. I have read quite a few skeptics on here, no I'm not paid for saying this, nor do I get a discount, I buy from Amazon because it's the cheapest I've found, and with being a single mom cost is a factor, but going without is not an option anymore, the benefits far outweigh the expense, and with having to take quite a few to start out to get it under control, it does get expensive, but my feeling better, not feeling like I'm in a fog, and the itching gone is so worth it, words can not describe how good it feels to know your not crazy and someone somewhere understands and there is help. Try the product, and check out the support websites, they tell you how to use it, and what to expect. Everyone is different, and not everyone reacts the same way, but don't give up hope, your not alone. Good Luck to all!

  • CAM39 - Very happy with the purchase

    After slipping just enough to scare me once too often, I broke down and bought a bath mat. Didn't need anything fancy; the Luxyhome mat appeared to be just what we needed. It arrived on time. Rolled up inside the mat I found a loofah as pictured in the product description - I wasn't certain it would be included, so yay me! The mat itself fit the tub just right (ours is narrow), the width and length provide ample room to move about. Very happy with the purchase. The colour is a drab white, not a dealbreaker.

  • Ken Forbes - Couldn't have designed it better myself.

    This case gave me exactly what I wanted. Attractive, custom fit ( Fire 7" snaps right in), slimline, stand, all buttons and cable inputs easily accessible, leather, magnetic closure. I think it's perfect for my application. Protection from damage and custom fit.

  • Gloria - I read other reviews and it seems perfect for what im trying to do

    I bought this bleaching a week ago, just got it and used it. My goal was to dip dye my hair purple. I read other reviews and it seems perfect for what im trying to do. The product specifies that if your hair ir long ot thick you might need to use two bottles. I started by applying it to 2in of my hair, and then I was planning to apply it 1 in higher and one more 1in application, each in 10min lapses, well my hair is tick but I had more than enough product (ah and be careful, if you do leave the bottle unattended, the product will start coming out like a volcano) Used it for 50min according to the instructions and my hair was some type of honey color. Washed it with water, dried it and reapplied, gave it 40 min and the color was slightly lighter. In the end I went to the store to got some blonde hair color and used it on the tips only.