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Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Nueva Psiquiatría nace con la finalidad de promover todo tipo de medidas encaminadas al cambio y la mejora del actual sistema de atención psiquiátrica.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.684 , Spain

  • Bri Melton - I LOVE these shoes

    I LOVE these shoes!! Most workout shoes have a "break in" period. Not Nike Air!!! I wore them for the first time, and they were great!! My feet did not hurt AT ALL. The fit was perfect....I will definitely be buying another pair in one of their many fabulous colors! Thank you!

  • casey - I do recommend start early studying I only had 2 weeks so ...

    I took my test in nov an got a 64 an passed the program I needed to get in.. I also got the flash cards. I do recommend start early studying I only had 2 weeks so I study the reading an math section only, those are pretty much the big things on majority of the exam.

  • Taylor - We love this stroller

    We love this stroller. From its function, to its finishes, to its self standing ability, this is perfect for the city mom. The added bassinet was a great place to sleep when our little guy was first born. Couldn't be happier.

  • MEG327 - No miracle product

    This product didn't do much for me. I still have bumps and ingrown hairs and the tiny bottle cost $25 and took forever to receive. Not worth it.

  • A worthwhile buy for "Superstar" fans - A worthwhile buy for "Superstar" fans

    Okay here's the thing. I have always been a fan of JCS yet I resisted buying any other recording aside from the concept album because I enjoyed that so much. However, I was extremely surprised when I began listening to this CD because of it's truly awesome orchestrations and singing. I don't know how to accurately describe it other than to say now JCS sounds even more hip and moving. The music is now even more powerful and everything that may have been a little scratchy in the original recording is cleaned out here. I mention this only because that was my one major problem with the concept album...it really sounded like a studio recording...with audible mixes in the middle of a song...there is no pause in tempo like there are on some parts of the concept. Basically, this one is superior because of its crispness and texture...and the voices can't hurt either. Alice Cooper is a hoot...he would be awesome to see on stage. I would recommend this to all that have resisted shelling out the dough to buy another recording...this one is worth the money and will fit right in with your fond memories of the concept recording.

  • Christian Hawk - Over all the cup is great BUT I have had the product for just a ...

    Over all the cup is great BUT I have had the product for just a month now and both lids have cracked. Disappointed.