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NorthStar VETS is a NJ 24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Hospital - NorthStar VETS is a NJ 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital offering specialty, referral and surgery services for dogs, cats, exotics, pets and animals.

  • http://www.northstarvets.com/blog NorthStar VETS | Tales behind closed doors of a 24/7 Veterinary Emergency, and Specialty Hospital and how we are leading the way in veterinary medicine. - NorthStar VETS, Mercer County, New Jersey 24 hour veterinary and pet hospital offering emergency and specialty services for dogs, cats and animals.
  • http://www.northstarvets.com/avian-and-exotics NorthStar VETS Specialties-24 hour Exotic and Avian Veterinary Services - NorthStar VETS, Mercer County, New Jersey 24 hour veterinary and pet hospital offering in-hospital emergency and specialty services for exotic, bird and avian animals.

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  • mrbill - Top Flite's best effort

    The first Top Flite ball I willingly use when I need a long tee shot. Previous efforts by Top Flite were like hitting a wet sponge. For me this ball goes about 10-15 yards short of a Pro V, good straight flight path, or can be easily worked because of the softness. Best Top Flite ball I have ever hit. I've been using them a lot lately.

  • Linda - plastic

    What can you expect for this price. Good enough. Nothing like the originals on my van so I had to replace all 4 so they would match.

  • Grace - Awesome Stuff.

    Very pretty nail polish. It does take a few coats to make it opaque but I expected that. Ive heard its very hard to get glittery nail polish off but this was very easy with nail polish remover. I recommend getting this.

  • No Gurus Here - but just having dry hands is annoying. Maybe its the foti that helps with the ...

    This stuff stops dry hands in 7 days. I hasn't really helped by hair or nails too much, but just having dry hands is annoying. Maybe its the foti that helps with the hands. This product is too expensive for what it does, and I've started researching others. But, until I find another product that stops dry hands, I'll be buying it.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like the effects on my skin!

    I really love this Retinol Cream from Majestic Pure. I was eager to try it because I need a good moisturizer and quality is important to me. The description states that Retinol is designed to reduce the appearances of wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, blotches and other signs of aging. I found this to be very true for me. After using this product for a week or two I really started to notice a difference in my skin. It defiantly feels moisturized, soft, and healthy in addition to smoothing out lines and wrinkles and evening out my skin tone.

  • MichaelS - It works better than I expected

    It works better than I expected. I saw a lot of negative reviews on this in regard to how jagged it was on the skin and the difficulty of of changing the razor blades. I found the blades easy to install. I used to use the original Man Groomer trimmer and while it worked well for years as the trimmer head wore down it began to tug and pull hair and never trimmed the hair as close as the Bro Shaver. Keep in mind that it is 3 razor blades side by side with a guard over the blades, similar to a safety razor, so you do need to move more slowly or at least with more care than a trimmer, but overall I like this more than when the Man Groomer was brand new.