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Norrsken Språktjänster AB - kinesiska översättningstjänster. - Vi har som affärsidé att skapa en brygga mellan de nordiska länderna och Kina genom att erbjuda översättningstjänster för företag, organisationer och myndigheter med flera.

Country:, Europe, SE

City: 15.5833 Blekinge, Sweden

  • str8ldy - not fully revealed

    Very sorry I spent money on this due to the fact the hidden costs of the payroll program not revealed. I did not expect to be required to subscribe to their online service to use payroll program.

  • StaticDog16 - rattles

    Got this knife and was very pleased with design and size. Noticed that when in sheath, the knife rattles so throw out silence and stealthiness when carrying it. Saw on another review to put cotton in the bottom of the sheath so am gonna try that. Would have preferred a nylon or leather sheath instead of plastic.

  • Carol D - Softball Junkie

    Awesome bat! My daughter has a lot of power but just couldn't seem to come up with big hits. She started using this bat and it seemed like the ball would just sail with each hit. She is now more confident in the batters box and ready to play! Never thought I would spend this much on a bat, but GLAD I did!

  • AsatruMom - These are fun shoes, though they are not for everyday wear.

    These are fun shoes, though they are not for everyday wear. I went with a black pair because they are a bit more subdued and I can surprise people with them when I turn them one Silver and gold ones are a bit more in your face, I'm not really a pink person and I just don't do white. I haven't had any problems with my shoes but I do see that others have had some, perhaps it's because I only wear mine on special occasions. I wear a seven and a half so that's what I ordered and they fit me well which is a nice change, y I have to order a half size up because sellers only sell in whole sizes. Over all a fun set of dance shoes. They are fun and a lot more comfortable than heels.

  • Jackie Thomas - This is the best serum I have found so far and I have ...

    This is the best serum I have found so far and I have tryed many diffrent ones that were a lot more expensive then this one. After a very short period I'm already noticing a diffrence in fine lines & wrinkles. I'm hooked!!!

  • mommyjox2 - I will stick to crest

    I do not like this product and will not buy again. I like crest much better. My mouth doesn't feel as clean as it did with crest. My breath smelt good as soon as I used it but by the time I walked out of bathroom it was already gone. I do not have bad breath I bought this based off the reviews. Again I will stick to crest!!

  • J. Morgan - Mr. Number a total scam you can't get rid of.

    This app is a total scam, and I have to believe all the positive reviews are fakes and plants. This doesn't block spam calls, doesn't tell you who they are, and doesn't even provide the phone number of the incoming call so you can block it on your phone. If anything, I've had more nuisance calls since installing it, and SURPRISE, you can't get rid of this slimy app. it collects data from your phone and sells it to telemarketers. Whoever developed this app is a POS scammer themselves.