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  • http://www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk/action-sugar-calls-manufacturers-act-now/ Action on Sugar calls for manufacturers to take action now - www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk - Action on Sugar is urging food manufacturers to commit to the new sugar reduction and reformulation programme announced by Public Health England last month.
  • http://www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk/unpublished-pesticide-trials-reveal-harm-honey-bee-health/ Unpublished pesticide trials reveal harm to honey bee health - www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk - Bayer and Syngenta have been criticized for not publishing research that found their neonicotinoid pesticides cause serious harm to honey bee colonies.
  • http://www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk/cocoa-farmer-emphasizes-need-industry-work-partnership-growers/ Cocoa farmer emphasizes need for industry to work in partnership with growers - www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk - Fairtrade cocoa farmer Fortin Bley warns that unless the international cocoa industry does more to involve farmers, it risks losing a generation of growers.

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  • James Callahan - Will charge Mac book at half speed.

    Okay so this thing does what it says it does. But here's the thing for people who are buying this to be a Mac book charger it will charge at half the speed. The MacBook can revive 29w and this is only 15w. So just a heads up. Additionally, I also had an issue with the USB cable itself. It got hot which made the plastic holding the USB-c connect in softer so when I went to take it out the cord broke pretty easy.

  • lkjljlkj - Five Stars

    Real tweeters that produce very clear highs notes that the stock speakers never even tried to reproduce.

  • Ashley Thompson - Great replacement filter!

    Great filter. Easy to install, works like a champ, it was packaged very nicely. It matches up almost perfectly to the OE filter that i took out of the refrigerator. I am very pleased with this purchase! I received this item at a promotional price in exchange for an honest review. This is a great replacement filter and is an awesome value! We'll see how it holds up long-term!

  • Amazon Customer - I would have given it 5 stars if it had actually WORKED for me, solid book nonetheless!

    Ok, this MIGHT very well be a great book in most circumstances. I liked the take-personal-responsibility part of it. However, it did not improve my own marriage but that may very well be a result of other factors so I can blame the book for that. I would have given it 5 stars if it had WORKED for me but four star because I simply liked the authors frank, honest guidance!

  • Shandel - Had me on the edge of my chair

    Great story. Thrilling adventure. I love the steadfast rambunctious go getting main character. I like the way the author writes. I could see it in my mind as I read. I love it when books do that.