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  • Blue Heron - Aveeno is a wonder worker!

    Aveeno has worked wonders on my face and is far better than anything I have ever used. I was visiting out of town and forgot my makeup case, so my daughter in-law brought me her Aveeno to use. I am 88 years old and this really helped remove a few wrinkles. My face is now smooth and very few wrinkles.

  • ronjmb - Best Water Pik yet

    I have been using Water Piks for years. All Water Piks are great for dental hygiene--effective and fun to use. This unit is the quietest, most compact and easiest to clean. I highly recommend it.

  • USTTT - Brilliant quality for the price

    Exactly what I was expecting! Really neat little projector. GREAT for gaming and watching movies. If you downscale from 1080p, most of your PC desktop, for example, will be barely readable, because the projector does a bad/ok job at scaling down from 1080p, if you use 720p, things become much clearer and readable/usable. Better still, if you can directly customize the resolution you send to the projector via a GFX card to 800*480. It becomes even better. Remember, it's basically a DVD like resolution shot on a wall/screen. But for this price, the Geek in me is quite satisfied, but this projector, I would not give to someone who is not at least good with electronics/computer, because anyone using this on 1080p and using the scale-down from the projector, will miss the qualities of this affordable home-cinema solution.

  • Whovous - Fifty percent faster?

    I bought this to replace the Arris 760 that Comcast provided for $7/mo. I ran Speedtest twice on the Arris, with d/l speeds of 13.05 and 18.62 Mbps. When I hooked up the SB6141 it gave me the self-install page, but I could not find my account number and wound up calling 877-761-5015 ext 2 anyway. They answered immediately and had me going in about 15 minutes, mostly spent waiting for Comcast and the modem to get in sync with each other.

  • mitch camp - Great mats

    Excellent product.Fits perfectly in my 2013 150. These mats are heavy duty and not the flimsy ones. I love them.

  • Sunny P. - I did an experiment and tested them all once I got my + on an at-home HPT and this FRER was the worst at reading

    Don't buy this; Do this. Go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapie store brand ones. I did an experiment and tested them all once I got my + on an at-home HPT and this FRER was the worst at reading, analyzing and it drove me crazy. The TTC journey is crazy enough, you don't need additional stress because the test lines are the thickness of a piece of thread. Cheapies first, EPT second, ClearBlue Digital is good once you're 1-2 weeks pregnant (not before). ****If my review helped you, please click "YES" below -- I'm also happy to answer any questions!****