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Precision Aesthetics - Like a duckling sheds its mottled feathers, the professionals at Precision Aesthetics will help shed your skin imperfections and discover the beautiful, majestic Swan inside you. Services include body contouring, botox, chemical peels, hair removal and much more.

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  • deutschlanddeutschland - best uhd tv for the money

    Really quite please with the picture quality of this TV. Initially purchased a 50 inch but found it to be too big for our apartment. After returning it however, we purchased a 43 inch which works better although I think the jump from 43 to 50 is too big. We were easily able to set up our wifi, amazon, and youtube accounts. the web browser is pretty basic but it works. installing the smartview app on iphones was easy and were initially impressed with it until it stopped working abruptly. It simply wouldn't connect. It later started working again, perhaps on its own, not sure but we did attempt to update the firmware although we already had the most current (we've read a lot of complaints about the smartview app online). the picture quality and the audio for us seems exceptional. there are a lot of snobs who've reviewed both aspects and complained but seriously those people need to get a life. I definitely recommend the tv. consider your size needs before purchasing.

  • L. Potraffke - Back saver

    Before I start, I have to make it clear that my cleaning situation is by no means typical. We're not talking about normal dirt tracked in by people's shoes. I have 3 dogs who run in and out of their doggy door All. Day. Long. Our yard is bare along the fence line, an area that is perpetually muddy and where the dogs bark at passersby. Sometimes I feel like there's more mud on my floors than there is in the yard.

  • Z. Ball - keep looking

    not very sturdy, hard to get the quarters in, if yu have to move them, it almost rips the back. Nice to look at but hard to fill, there are better ones out there. But reasonable price, but one of those "you get what you pay for" items.

  • Vlad Killmore - I am very happy with this

    You get what you pay for. This is very effective and I feel like it can keep up with anything I through at it. I do a lot of graphic Design work and movie editing as well as play music and multitask. It just performs every time. I am running it with a liquid cooler in an Asus build. It is 20% overclocked and still runs nice and cool.

  • nathaniel elrod - I received the Diablo in about two days and as soon as I opened the box I plugged it in and updated it about an hour later I was

    I usually don't do reviews but with this product I felt it was necessary, I received the Diablo in about two days and as soon as I opened the box I plugged it in and updated it about an hour later I was tuning my car and damn my Dodge Charger rt is like a whole new beast now

  • amani - Disappointed

    I was pretty skeptical to buy this based on other people's reviews I read a while ago but I decided to give it a chance anyway because I'm in serious search of finding something that will even out my skin. I gave this product quite some time before I decided to review it. I used this thing daily for 2 and a half months and it did absolutely nothing for my skin, although Aveeno claims this product is supposed to improve skin tone and texture within 4 weeks, as well as discolorations (dark marks), etc. My skin did not improve at all whatsoever. Not to mention the formula was really heavy and incredibly greasy for me, which is a odd because I have normal to dry skin. But the thing that really got me about this moisturizer was the fact that it has microscopic flecks of glitter in it (to give the "radiant" look). Swatch some on the back of your hand under direct sunlight and you'll see what I mean. Come on Aveeno, there should be no gimmicks involved here in your products.

  • Amazon Customer - I wasted my money and would see no results

    I read other reviews of this product AFTER I bought it, and some people had me thinking: A. I wasted my money and would see no results, or B. I wasted my money and would see no results PLUS have irritated skin. However, on the advice of my friend who loves this product (and used to work at a fancy beauty counter selling LaMer)...I gave it a whirl. Now, one week and a day into my regimen of using Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer in the morning (that's the only thing I do actually....I wash my face in the shower in the morning with a liquid face cleanser I just buy at the drug store; I don't even wash my face at night)....I can see REAL results just from using the Perricone product. My skin is "glowier", softer, has smaller pores, and the fine lines seem to be disappearing. And I definitely don't have any irritation. A few flaky areas around my eyes (wrinkle prone area) for a few days. That's OK. It's the dead skin coming off, which is what I wanted! Hence, noticing fewer fine lines.