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Mum's griefCRY Mum's Grief - The agony that obliterates every corner of consciousness in the moment she gets the news. And after - the silence, numbness, barren despair.

  • http://www.mumsgrief.org.uk/a-chapter-in-life-that-no-mother-should-ever-have-to-write/ A Chapter in life that no mother should ever have to writeCRY Mum's Grief - Alison Cox says; “The impact on a mother of her child’s death is well documented but it is now properly recognised that they cannot be “replaced” by mother having another baby, “time does NOT heal” nor will mother one day “move on.”

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  • C Forrester - Love My "Dog Book." No film fan should be without it.

    The Essential Guide. Since the internet (and the now Awful IMDB website) has taken over info searching, this is still the Place To Go for cross - referencing. Favorite director? All here with every available film reviewed. Curious about a certain writer? Cinematographer? Actor? Genre? Sub-genre? Sub-sub-genre? It's all here. Looking through your TCM guide and trying to figure out which films to watch? Great reviews here with excellent details to look for and accurate (in my humble opinion) ratings. Love these guides. I buy the "Dog Book," as I call it, every 6 or 7 years. My family and friends call me when they have a question and my answer is inevitably, "Let me get the Dog Book." The legion cross-referencing indexes in the back separate it from the great Leonard Maltin's guides. Love my Dog Book. This classic film freak can't get by without it.

  • Heidi - This is the best product ever!

    I actually wrote to the company to tell them how much I loved their product! It actually works!!! I had a major moss problem put it on and the moss has stayed away for 3 years! It's just now starting to reemerge slowly so I'll be reapplying in the spring. Buy with confidence this is an amazing product that actually does what it says it does! I just don't understand why it isn't available in local stores?? They are missing the boat on this!

  • deipnosophist - Good content but definitely unpolished

    I like the character of this magazine. It's got kind of an alternative vibe. Most of the reviews are for bikes that won't/don't go mach 1. Occasionally, though, I have seen some pretty glaring proof-reading errors. It's clearly not the "establishment" bike magazine (*cough* Bicycling), but it's fun to read and will offer some interesting tips and stories you won't find elsewhere.