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  • Elizabeth - Great product!

    My dog really doesn't like getting his teeth brushed so it's a struggle to keep them clean. He probably hates this product more than getting his teeth brushed however, this stuff seriously works. I put a little squirt on his canines and there has been a huge difference!

  • William Dietsch - Works as advertised

    This product requires a lot of elbow grease to apply. The results are outstanding for the tiny annoying scratches which plague even the most carefully maintained cars. It requires touch up paint and clear coat pens for the really deep scratches. The paint is only needed if the scratch goes to the base coat. Significant scratches need a touch of clear coat to make them disappear completely. I gave it four stars just because it is has a rather demanding application protocol.

  • Biolaburman - Excellent performance at the National Scout Jamboree

    I purchased this for camping in general but was prompted to buy my upcoming attendance at the national Boy Scout Jamboree in a remote location in West Virginia. While remote, the event was well connected with digital scheduling, blogs, newspapers, emergency messaging, personal locators and so on ("the most connected jamboree ever"). While the ATT provided coverage was complete - essentially providing anything available at home, charging stations for 40,000 plus scouts and all their devices was minimal. Finding something to plug into was a challenge. Enter the solar charging kit. Attached to my day pack with carabiners, and carried and set down facing the sun, I had plenty of power for all devices (iphone, ipod, ipad mini) and enough to share. These chargers were prominent at the Jamboree and were also sold in the trading posts. Glad I got mine through the gold box at Amazon. Be aware the charging process I used was to charge the battery pack with the sun and then use the battery pack to charge devices. This is because the connection with the iPhone especially was easily lost by movement or even the passing of clouds when connected directly to the solar panels. same with iPad. The iPod worked well directly. I noted much better success than many others had with different solar chargers. The battery pack can be charged by direct connect into an outlet, but I found (as the company indicates) the charging time was better by direct sunlight.

  • Faern - Best smelling citrus there is!

    This stuff is so awesome! Really cuts the buildup on your hair, and smells awesome. I learned of it staying in a Beverly Hills hotel for work, and was glad to see that thanks to Amazon I can afford such an item in my home. I'm very very happy with this shampoo.

  • butterfly - Incredibly well made!

    So well made - even when my son pulls it apart it comes back together well. He broke off the ramp but the sound features still work when he puts the ramp in and out. The rubber on the wheels come off but easily go back on. Even the bulldozer piece snaps back on easily when pulled off. A lot of nice features with the sounds and the lights. Tons of detail and huge bang for your buck compared to other toys in this price range.

  • Lore - Worth It

    Are they a cure all? Nope. Do they live up to all the hype on their website? Nope. BUT - do they help? Yes. ESPECIALLY with abdominal pain. A few times I thought they may not be doing anything, and so stopped taking them, but it wasn't long before the abdominal pain was back with a vengeance. I do take these and Phillips Colon Health - this was after trying many different kinds - including Enzamatic Therapy pearls, Target's "compare to Align we're even better!" brand, Nature Made acidophilus, Natrol, etc. Using Align & PCH seems to work the best for me - everybody is so different, tho. I think the price is outrageous (not just at Amazon, just in general...) but I am willing to pay it to keep some of the pain of having IBS at bay!

  • Amazon Customer - nutrient logic not alternative medicine

    I have always wondered which vitamins were 'good' and which were bogus. Knowing that price isn't always the determinant in choosing vitamins is in and of itself worth the price of this book.