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  • Cracker Pot - More COmplicated Than 2003 Version

    I have been using ACCESS 2003 for several years to maintain a long list of adresses, phone, email info,etc. I was quite comfortable with it and expected that the 2010version would have advanced features. What I find instead are much the same features but the software seems more compliacted to use. I am having difficulty doing something as simple as printing of mailing labels.

  • K. Gould - It zapped three days out of my life and $400 out of my wallet.

    It's most unfortunate that QuickBooks REQUIRES an upgrade every three years with new features that are minimally helpful. Each "upgrade" is a royal hassle that takes time and money. In 2016, when QB requires me to upgrade again, I would gladly pay $400 to avoid the ordeal.


    Great game. Had enough modes to keep you and your friends happy to play with. Graphics are ok but everything else is awesome. Great music, great teams, great modes. If you never owned a soccer game this one will be perfect. Online gameplay is awesome too. This game is future proof. Many people will keep playing this game until the next world cup. The only game I usually play is fifa so I will be getting Fifa 15 on black friday for $30. I will play this game until then. But this game is good for everyone even begginers or causal gamers and advanced gamers. Because everyone who doesn't know soccer knows the countries and want to play with their national country. This game is future proof for 4 more years and will be well worth your money.

  • M. Craddick - MSAR

    This edition of MSAR was very useful to me. Aside from supplying all the information regarding the incoming class of the previous year, this book provided other selection criteria used by individual schools. If you are unsure where you want to apply to medical school, then I would strongly recommend this book. However, if you have it narrowed down pretty well, you could get most of the information online. The benefit of the MSAR is all of the information is right there and you don't have to go searching for similar information on multiple different school or other websites.

  • Janine D. Waldbaum - HORRIBLE

    I've been a QB customer since 1998. I've upgraded several times and had been successfully using version 2008 Pro. I decided it was time to upgrade to 2016 Pro since I was planning on upgrading my OS to Windows 10 and had heard it was not compatible with my older QB version. I've had nothing but problems with the QB Pro 2016 since installing it in May of this year. I've spent countless hours trying to resolve glitches. As I mentioned he ONLY reason I upgraded (from my 2008 version) was in preparation of upgrading to Windows 10. Just last week -I was on the phone for hours with Level 2 tech support. I had been experiencing intermittent issues with the program which have never been resolved. In addition, I had also been unable to obtain QB updates (I would receive an error message). She went through my system and determined that there was no problem with my company files. She assisted in getting the most recent updates. The most recent update also created a requirement for me to have a password (which I didn't have or want before). So I created a password. I've been using the program --with my new password since that day. Yesterday I upgraded my system to Windows 10. I did create a backup for my company files before doing so.