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Montana Rx Card - Free Statewide Prescription Assistance Program - The Montana Rx Card program is a FREE statewide Rx assistance program available to all residents.

  • http://www.montanarxcard.com/about.php About The Card - Montana Rx Card - The FREE Montana Rx Card program includes discounts on brand name and generic medications and all residents can save up to 75% on prescriptions.
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  • http://www.montanarxcard.com/partner-organizations.php Partner Organizations - Montana Rx Card - To save using the Montana Rx Card program, simply create your FREE discount prescription card, bring it to the pharmacy and save up to 75% on prescriptions.
  • http://www.montanarxcard.com/pharmacy.php Pharmacy List - Montana Rx Card - The FREE Montana Rx Card can be used at more than 50,000 participating pharmacies nationwide and provides savings up to 75 percent on prescriptions.
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  • Colin J - On No MoJo

    These are my favorite golf balls. I have always used them. There is no really rhyme or reason why these are my favorite in terms of distance or accuracy or flight or anything like that. I am pretty new to golf so I cannot really control shots like that. I just like the name MoJo so I have always bought these balls. Ever since I found one on a course and my first shot with it was about 3 inches away from a hole in one. Saw it as good "mojo".

  • Ryan Amado - Watch PreparedMind 101 on YouTube first!!!!

    Do yourself a favor and watch a video about this flashlight on the YouTube channel PreparedMind 101. After the well informed video you'll understand why this is a superior choice of a flashlight. I work as a paramedic, and when I need light I want LIGHT. Just got the light the other day, so I can't say much yet, what I do know is that so far, very impressed.

  • Carlos Caro - Finally, a pen for the women in my life!

    Let me tell you, I can't tell you how bad it is watching women struggle with man-pens. They just can't seem to operate them, they're intimidated by the somber colors of blue and black and occasionally white, and then the pens just never seem, well, "girly" enough. Finally, with a safe, pastel color and assurances from an impersonal company marketing exec that these pens are "for her," I feel like I can finally give the women in my life a pen which they can handle comfortably and not feel like a man when they use it. They even spell Cristal incorrectly, just so that special woman you give these pens to can draw a little heart over the letter i and cute-up that sterile, hyper-masculine package they come in. Of course, I'd never allow a -man- to use one of these. Goodness, one touch of the pastel pen and it's off to emasculation city!

  • Amazon Customer - I love them but it took a week and a half ...

    I love them but it took a week and a half to get them after they were late but I still love them thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - It also smells great and gives great slip

    This product has become a staple in my hair routine! It works well on my natural type 4 hair. I use it for my flat twist outs and it gives me unbelievable curl definition. I did a twist out withOUT this product and it came out frizzy and definition-less. If you're looking for maximum definition, this product is the answer! I can't speak for what the product does on dry hair, and I don't pay attention to its moisture effects but on wet hair it works wonders! It also smells great and gives great slip!

  • Ferdie Franada - Jeep Grand Cherokee foot pedal covers.

    The item was as expected and priced very well. Would purchase from this vendor again. Excellent experience overall and recommend to others.