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  • E. Neal - Works. Better, cheaper alternatives available

    Abreva helped me on several occasions. I think it is a good product. It does not work as well on my wife. Since my wife has more frequent (and severe) outbreaks than I do, we have done quite a bit of product testing. Here is what we found:

  • Dusty - Goodbye Suger Scrubs!

    In the past I have always been given sugar scrubs as gifts. I love the benefits of body scrubs, but what I don't like about the sugar ones is the oily residue that it leaves behind. I feel dirtier after my showers. I got this scrub because I thought maybe the milk would but back the oils. Well, after using this scrub I LOVE IT! It is a drier flaky consistency and REALLY SCRUBS the body. AMAZING!!!! And it's easy to wash off and leaves the skin feeling very soft and glowing. I will definitely be buying more of this!!!

  • Jose Terrones - outstanding

    shipping was quick for the standerd shipping!! product is simple to put on the device and quite sleek look! doesn't look nor feel cheap! 100% recommend this to anybody looking for a wallet case!

  • Amazon Customer - This latest edition had shortcomings.

    My wife and I just returned from our first-ever visit to HK. A four day visit. We used this guide every day. It was useful but had many shortcomings. Like when we made the effort to get to the best museum in the area, called HK Museum of History, only to find out it is closed Tuesdays. I think the book should explicitly say CLOSED TUESDAY. It does not. And it guided us to an area in HK called Wan Chai that promised great night life with fun bars and restaurants. We made it over there and discovered it to be kind of seedy, not many restaurants, and quite a few street hookers. We don't mind seeing a few street walkers, but we thought the book should have described it as such. On our own, we discovered something called The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system which is the world's longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. It's free and we really enjoyed riding it. It is not mentioned in the book at all! We also ran into a very lively area called SoHo that was full of nice restaurants and bars, that was not mentioned in the book. Mind you, the book was published just nine months ago (in January 2015), and yet seemed either out of date or out of touch. It seems to me Lonely Planet guides used to be much more reliable. Now days they try to cover everywhere in the world, for every kind of traveler, and as a result they aren't the great and reliable guides they used to be.

  • K. Roamer - Awesome!

    First off, my hair is HORRIBLE!! I have been looking for a product that would do some good for my hair for so many years that I couldn't even begin to tell you the amount of money I have spent on hair products and shampoos. I just tried it today and my hair actually felt soft! I have fine, colored, graying hair that is wavy and straight...a mess. Although I still had to use my straightener on my hair, the texture of my hair was improved tremendously. The only thing I must say is that my hair did not look like what you see happening on the infomercial (thus the need for the straightener). I still loved what it did and am going to try the hydrating mask to see what results I get. All in all...it gets an excellent from me.

  • mayah - Works great and so much easier than sticking something in someone's ...

    Works great and so much easier than sticking something in someone's mouth. Works well and fast. It has the ability to take temperature from the forehead or ear.