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    City: -2.25 Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

  • M. Bartos - Great Golf Bag

    My husband loves this bag. All of the pockets for everything you could possibly need to take with you. He also likes the compartments for all of his clubs.

  • Elizabeth Sanders - Pairing the device is simple and routine

    I have really liked each headset and this particular Headset is no different. It ships in a Black premium box with the the company's logo and model of headset. Inside you will find the headset secured in place by a foam insert, instructions, USB charging cable, and different sized rubber ear bud inserts. There is no carrying pouch with this purchase as there is with other models. The headset has a rubber coating which prevents any damage due to sweat. I can report that I have used this headset while using my treadmill. Although I sweated heavily, the headset never shifted, or fell out of my ears. Helping the Headset to stay put in your ears is the earloop found on both speakers. They clip over your ear and secure the buds. Although the ear buds were wet with sweat, no damage was sustained.

  • Keith - Old Soldier

    Carried a Gerber bootknife for many years in the Army. The current model isn't quite as "hefty" as models from the '80's and '90's but still makes a good, all-purpose knife for a variety of tasks.

  • Donna J. Wessel - Read, learn, you decide.

    Another good character analysis of HRC. The more I learn, the more I do not like this woman as a politician and absolutely not as President of the United States.

  • C. Scheck - Works exactly as advertised

    I purchased Meguires kit about a year ago which did not include a protectant and the light yellowed again.

  • Used to be an HR Block Fan - No support

    A problem with the code in the Business portion of the software prevented it from opening on my computer. After 1.5 hours on hold, yes, 1.5 hours on hold, HR Block support staff indicated I shouldn't have purchased the software through Amazon, and as result, they could not help me. In a totally unsolicted aside, HR Block support staff further indicated that they don't support their software if it is purchased from Best Buy. So the message is, buy directly from H & R Block. I have used H & R Block software for many years. I am shocked at how they dropped the ball.