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  • M. Gains - Warning

    A better method to get your taxes done is use real certified person. This software (and the brick and mortar office) omitted legiimate data that resulted in 3 years worth of penalty from the IRS.

  • Howard and Shikha - End your dependency on anti-acid medication

    I took Prilosec everyday for more than ten years. I was constantly thirsty and I had a really bad case of dry mouth. When I tried to stop cold turkey, my chest burned with heart burn. When I read the most helpful review of this book on Amazon, I could not believe that lemon juice was a possible remedy when going cold turkey. It worked for me! I bought the Kindle edition of this book and skimmed it (it does spend a lot of time bashing drug companies, explaining the digestive system, etc). Towards the end of the book, it summarizes a variety of herbal supplements you can take to help your digestive system. Everyone will be different so experimenting is key to see what works for you. Luckily, most of the products are also on Amazon for a low price. I take the following:

  • S.Capp - Memory foam pillow heaven

    This pillow comes wrapped up tightly in a clear plastic bag with a handle,you have to unwrap it and pull the pillow to fluff it up. It's not that hard to do and has a very soft aloe Vera case over it. I like the way the pillow feels against my face when I go to bed. The pillow shapes to your head and cradles it and your neck as you sleep. I would highly recommend this pillow. It's exactly what I've been looking for it has shredded memory foam so it feels like a big fluffy pillow instead of a big thick piece of foam like regular memory foam pillows. I recieved this at a discount for a far honest review


    I used this 7 day cleanser last year around this time. I was so pleased with the results I told my family about it. I lost 7 pounds in 7 days. I was amazed!! I NEVER LOST WEIGHT LIKE THAT BEFORE WITHOUT GOING TO THE GYM. THIS CLEANSER IS POWERFUL. IT CLEANES YOU THOROUGHLY. THE BOWEL MOVEMENTS ARE BIG SO STAY HOME THE FIRST THREE DAYS. This kit can be used by anyone who has a problem with constipation and bloating. I felt very good after the 7days of detox. It's worth the price. Try it.