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MIDLOTHIAN & EAST LOTHIAN DRUGS & ALCOHOL PARTNERSHIP - MELDAP - MELDAP, Midlothian and East Lothian Drug and Alcohol Partnership, providing information on Drugs and Alcohol within the community for adults, youths, support for families in professionals

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    I ordered this product to see if it would help with my 12 year old pom. He has had dry itchy skin problems for years, on and off. As the scratching gets more intense, I end up taking him to my vet who has no idea what causes it. She treats him with antibiotics. In severe flares, he gets a shot of cortisone. This method only treats the symptoms, and has a temporary effect. Now my dog has gone deaf, I believe that this was caused by the cortisone.

  • R. Evans - Biotin

    I've been using this for a couple weeks now, and like others have said, I'm not really sure it stops the shedding. Generally I think it works about as well as any other shampoo of the same price range.

  • Plamena Panova - good magazine, not my style of articles

    The magazine is good, good put together, easy to open with any device. No zoom when you open inner pages. Not my style of articles, too superficial.

  • J. Bruner - Great product that works as advertised.

    This stopped a main oil seal leak in a Chevrolet 3.1 liter V6 motor. I added it to an oil change and the main seal leak stopped leaking after several days of driving. AT-205 only works on undamaged seals. It does not fix mechanical defects like tears, splits or physical deformities in the seal(s).

  • Monnikka - dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off ...

    dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off! so much cheaper on amazon! and it works really well for me

  • Amazon reviewer - Impressive debut fantasy novel

    Stiger's Tigers is an impressive debut novel from Marc Alan Edelheit. From page one I was transported into his fantasy world of elves, humans, and magic, where I immediately felt connected to the main character, Captain Stiger, who is a no-nonsense honorable soldier determined to whip a lazy group of men into fighting shape. This book is well-edited and is written in a very straight-forward fashion, which suits the nature of the protagonist. Although I would've liked a little more action, I was always excited when I would turn on my Kindle knowing I would get to read more of the tale.