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  • Anthony F - Great car seat!

    Initially received wrong color, Amazon fixed it. Thanks again!! Outside of the wrong color at first, the car seat is solid, light, comfortable and built very well.

  • Denise - AWFUL!!!!

    I just returned this! I use it for 20 days and found myself bloated, constipated, no more energy than I usually had before. I really did not need to lose weight just wanted to get rid of the bloating. Started taking a pro-biotic from CVS and it took away my constipation, my bloating and I felt so much better. I wouldn't buy this though GNC is great about refunding your money.

  • SW Missouri - Don't buy and forget.

    I saw this advertised on a home improvement show and thought I would try it. Product arrived on time. The sprayer was broken and I could not get it to work. Had to put the liquid into another spray bottle. Evidently the spiders in my area are immune to the stuff as it kills very few of them. I am not sure if it even makes them mad. Would not recommend this product and I will not purchase any more.

  • Videoscope - You get what you pay for! TERRIBLE quality; case is worthless; I couldn't even turn the direction knob!

    Let me start by saying, "You get what you pay for"! The case is worthless; I've never seen such a cheesy ratchet in my life (still my bad for buying); I couldn't even turn the knob to change the direction on it. Returned it the same day!!!

  • fLESHoFgODS - 1 star rated, but 5 star sci-fi cheese fest

    I picked this movie cause I was looking for a sci-fi film that was pure cheese and boy did i find it. This is a low budget one star movie but thats also what makes it so great. The acting is atrocious, it seems like the parts were giving out in a first come first serve, show up on the set and you'll get some kind of role depending on when you got there. The dialogue seems to be written by a class of 3rd graders. Makeup and costume may have been done by a blind person. Everything always seemed to be one take, as you can catch the actors/actresses making unscripted gestures or subtle laughs. This movie sucked and I loved it, I wont rate it 5 for the sake of ratings ill give it a one star but I did not hate it. Stay away if your looking for a serious horror flick, but if your like me and all horror movies are kind of funny to you anyway, give it a chance, and if your a stoner, double the dose before watching this one!!! :)

  • Sarah - Doesnt work at all

    Very expesive and I didnt gain not one lb.... waste of money i took exactly how it was instructed every day and gained nothing