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  • dimitris - it is ok i guess

    it gets repetive t times.good story in general but inconsistent in alot of ways like it is supposed to be in the future but many of the technology they use are ancient in this universe which is 200 yera from now. further than that it is quit enjoyable wexpirience thwe story is good but i think it could hve been better if there was more interactions with aliens since they have faster than light travel and advanced technologies

  • Karen Crockett - sucks for pet hair on floors

    After spending an hour or more reviewing vacs online in Nov. 2011, I thought this one would be good for our house with all laminate floors or tile, maybe 1500 sq ft at most--with our new addition of a Border Collie Mix. I must have gotten this erroneous idea from another poster who wrote how great it was for pet hair. Perhaps he meant on carpet. I can say after using the thing for 3 months, 3x/week, for floors, the hair quickly sticks to the cloth-like perimeter of the vac and to the brush bristles and sits there or gets tied up in the bristles. You leave the brush off when using it on floors. I have to walk the vacuum over to a trash can and pull/brush the hair off the bottom of the vac after maybe 300 sq ft of laminate. My dog's hair is about 1-2 inches long.

  • tchiu - Comfortable and Functional

    I have bought two pairs of these gloves (lost a glove in the first pair), and they have worked brilliantly both times. My friends that I recommended this to likes them as well. They fit well, are snug, and properly pad my hands when biking.

  • Melinda - Great if your very out of shape

    However I am not very out of shape. The workouts just moved far to slow for me. I gave it to a friend who is obese and she said it is wonderful and moves at the right pace for her to breath a bit between moves. So if your mildly fit or better this is not for you, if your pretty out of shape this will get you where you need to be without pushing you too hard.

  • Terry Seaney - Has become a disappointment (updated 9/28/15)

    Update 9/28/15: I am giving up on this as a HA solution and am ordering the Smartthings hub. No firmware releases in 3 months, still no support for scenes, Amazon Echo, IFTT, Wi-fi, etc. This is now just an overpriced router.

  • Debbie Alexander - I did read some people were not happy since it doesn't work for your toes

    It does exactly what it claims to do. I have no problem painting my nails and the awkwardness of trying to hold the bottle was gone. I did read some people were not happy since it doesn't work for your toes, but really? I don't see the need for such a thing for my toes. It would seem silly. Love it and would highly recommend it.

  • Michael H. Gole - Worthless

    Besides the fact that the antenna was delivered 1 week late, it came damaged. The screww was striped and the anodized finish was damaged. I didn't even waste my time attempting to install it and returned it immediately. A total waste of time.