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  • Mark Greer - Upgrade Worked - Plus Personal Opinion

    I just purchased Quicken Rental Property Manager from Quicken for half price - a 3 day special, a good enough deal to get me to upgrade, although I was forced to buy 2012 a few months ago. It is version 10 ( From CD, it deleted the old software, installed the latest version, and then converted 80K items in less than a minute. I then installed the Android app, created my cloud ID in Quicken 2013, sync'ed up, and my balances in both Quicken and the mobile app were correct. It was a flawless conversion. My online accounts all updated perfectly the first time. The cloud updated perfectly the first time. I have never had a more seamless Quicken upgrade conversion. Sorry there were so many problems at first for so many of you, but I thank all the pioneers for getting the bugs fixed. Other than the mobile app, there was not a big reason to upgrade, it looks so much like 2012.

  • Skeptical Viewer - Unlike the Intel ComputeStick, the Lenovo Stick300 does not ...

    Unlike the Intel ComputeStick, the Lenovo Stick300 does not need to be connected to an HDMI device (or dummy terminator) to boot. However, it cannot be set to boot as soon as power is supplied, which the ComputeStick can. Until Lenovo provides a solution, this is not appropriate for networking closets, as we intended.